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  • if you search by type of product, without specifying a family, all broadliners will be included in the result
  • if you search by brand, the search will be conducted only on the five main brands for companies which did not gave us their complete catalog, and on the catalog for the others. It is therefore possible that a company which do distribute the brand you search, but did not give us its catalog and did not mention it in its five main brands, may not be included in the result.

On january 1st, 2006, our database includes 269 catalogs :

  • 1 in Algeria
  • 7 in Austria
  • 14 in Belgium
  • 3 in Czech Republic
  • 8 in Denmark
  • 4 in Finland
  • 114 in France
  • 17 in Germany
  • 2 in Greece
  • 2 in Hungary
  • 3 in Ireland
  • 11 in Italy
  • 2 in Morocco
  • 12 in Netherlands
  • 5 in Norway
  • 5 in Poland
  • 1 in Russia
  • 16 in Spain
  • 7 in Sweden
  • 7 in Switzerland
  • 1 in Turkey
  • 20 in United Kingdom

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Sidev starts to distribute touchscreens

France : Sidev adds touchscreens to its offer, with products from 3M, Elotouch, LG and NM Visual. The company also now distributes Neovo screens.

Four new brands sign with Anixter

Anixter, which is present in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom, now distributes 19″ bays from Conteg, IP cameras from Bosch and Sony and test products from connectool (Paladin Tools).

Malta completed

The maltese list of distributors is now completed.
21 countries have been completed to date : Algeria, Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia.
They account for 2082 companies and 1650 subsidiaries.

Nocom opens a baltic subsidiary

Estonia : security specialist Nocom, which is present in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden completes its northern presence by opening a subsidiary in Tallinn to cover baltic countries.

ACTN expands its security offer

France : ACTN adds to its offer the security products from McAfee.

Macedonia completed

IT-Distri is proud to announce that the macedonian list of distributors is now completed.

ACTN leaves Marseille and Lyon

France : ACTN has closed its representations in Lyon and Marseille, and has opened a new one in Grenoble. In the same time, the company has stopped the distribution of Oxyan and Billion products.

Senso Mikro moves in Bucarest

Roumania : Senso Mikro has moved to new premises on Thoma Ionescu street, in the fifth sector of Bucarest.

New address for Senso Mikro

Croatia : Senso Mikro has moved to Zagorska 2 in Zagreb.

Megatrend gets new premises

Bosnia : Megatrend has moved to new premises on Džemala Bijedica, still in Sarajevo.

Omnisa out of business

Omnisa from Sarajevo has been recently out of business.

Two new countries completed

Bosnian and Moldovan lists of distributors have just been completed.

Dangaard distributes Skype

Skype has found a pan-european distributor for its offer, with Dangaard, which is present in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland (source : ComputerPartner Nederland).

IPvista distributes SkyRecon, Netgear and Polycom

France : IPvista adds to its offer network and security products from Netgear and SkyRecon, as well as video and audio conferencing products from Polycom.

IPvista welcomes a new technical director

France : Xavier Gruau replaces Patrick Asser as the new technical director for IPvista.

Logix leaves Marseille and Rouen and invades Martinique

France : Logix closes its subsidiaries in Marseille and Rouen (Bosc-St-Guérard) and opens a new one in Fort-de-France (Martinique).

New financial director for Logix Group

France : Logix Group, which regroups ASPlenium, IPvista, Logix and Openway welcomes Robert Bensimon as its new financial director.

Ingram Micro distributes Oki

Netherlands : Ingram Micro BV signed a distribution agreement with Oki, to sell its print products in the country (source : ComputerPartner Nederland).

More SCT Toutelectric establishments

France : SCT Toutelectric expands its presence in south-western France, with three new establishments, respectively in Royan, Lesparre and Carcassonne.

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Luckystar Computers (I) Pvt Ltd -  India - Specialist
Netsafe Solutions Hravtska d.o.o. -  Croatia - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Bulgaria e.o.o.d. -  Bulgaria - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Srl -  Romania - VAD
Arrow ECS Slovakia s r.o. -  Slovakia - VAD
Share Distribuzione Srl -  Italy - VAD
Ignition Technology Sub-Saharan Africa -  South Africa - VAD
Ignition Technology ME -  United Arab Emirates - VAD
Ignition Technology France -  France - VAD
Kosmotech (KSM YuA TOV) -  Ukraine - Specialist

Latest partnerships

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