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ISA in receivership

France : ISA France, one of the biggest stationery-specialized distributor in the country, has gone into receivership this summer. Activity continues, and many rescuers made themselves known (source : ITR News France).

Kinyo protects PCs with Bullguard

Spain : Kinyo completes its security offer with Bullguard all-in-one protection software for PCs (source : Dealer World España).

Eulink changes its name

Germany : Eulink has changed its name to Exelsis.

Copaco hands in hands with NEC

Netherlands : Copaco completes its catalog with NEC products (notebooks, PC, servers and monitors) (source : Computer Reseller News Nederland).

Kinyo phones with Topcom

Spain : Kinyo expands its offer with Topcom products, most of them being VoIP related (source : Dealer World España).

ITway soon in Switzerland ?

Switzerland : italian VAD ITWay, which is also present in France, Greece, Portugal and Spain, plans to continue its expansion in Europe, with subsidiaries to come first in Switzerland, then in some countries in the Balkans (our guess would be most surely Slovenia or Croatia). No details yet, but more to come for sure ! (source : Top Trade Informatica Italia).

Everyware displays with Mirai

Germany : Everyware adds Mirai LCD monitors and television to its catalog (source : IT-Business.NET Deutschland).

Copaco draws on multiple screens

Netherlands : Copaco and its belgian subsidiary D-Max add Matrox graphic cards to their catalog, therefore rejoining the french subsidiary who started the distribution of Matrox some months ago (source : Computer Reseller News Nederland).

Komputronik stores data with Corsair

Poland : Komputronik adds Readout USB key from Corsair to its catalog (source : Computer Reseller News Polska).

New division for Ingram Micro

Italy : Ingram Micro opens up a new division named Prima (for Printing, Imaging and Accessories). Manager of the division is Matteo Ranzi (source : Top Trade Informatica).

Actebis makes promises

Germany : Actebis Peacock completes its storage offer with Promise portfolio (source : IT-Business.NET Deutschland).

New general manager for Copaco

Netherlands : Copaco has appointed Iwan Kuijpers as its new manager. Iwan was previously sales manager for the company. He has been replaced at this function by Danny Mesdag (source : ComputerPartner Nederland).

A new manager for Computer 2000

United Kingdom : Computer 2000 has hired Claudette Atkinson from Bell Microproducts to manage its PC components division (source : Computer Reseller News United Kingdom).

Actebis really loves Asus

Germany : Actebis Peacock has further strenghtened its links with Asus, by distributing its notebooks and PDA along with its LCD monitors and components (source : IT-Business.NET Deutschland).

A new distributor for BenQ

Poland : ABC Data, aka Actebis adds Benq products to its already wide catalog (source : Computer Reseller News Polska).

Quote stores and displays with LG

Netherlands : Quote Components adds LG products (storage and LCD monitors) to its catalog (source : ComputerPartner Nederland).

Actebis communicates with Netgear

Italy : Actebis expands its networking offer with Netgear products (source : Top Trade Informatica Italia).

New marketing managers for Actebis Peacock

Germany : Guido Wirtz, who was previously in charge of eBusiness for Actebis Peacock, has expanded its area of business to marketing. Under him, in charge of product marketing is Volker Schwellenberg (source : ComputerPartner Deutschland).

Action flights with Apollo

Poland : Action SA adds accessories from Apollo Multimedia to its catalog (source : Computer Reseller News Polska).

Securecomm protects PCs with SafeBoot

Netherlands : Securecomm completes its offer with Safeboot desktop protection and security enforcement solutions (source : ComputerPartner Nederland).

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