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Comstor introduces ExpressPod

Following on from the success of FlexPod's integrated solution for next generation virtual Data Centers, Cisco & NetApp have extended their reach with the announcement of the low cost, easy to deploy ExpressPod. ExpressPod has been designed with price in mind for customers with a smaller data center, and a smaller budget. This infrastructure solution is based on Cisco UCS-C rack mount servers, NetApp FAS2000 series storage, VMware vSphere and Cloupia Management. It is available in two configurations: small (up to 50 virtual machines) and medium (up to 100 virtual machines). ExpressPod is available through Cisco VAD Comstor in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

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Auvix projects on Lumien

Russia: AV specialist Auvix has added projection screens from local vendor Lumien to its portfolio, including rigid, eliptical screens for cinematic experience.

Acer appoints Link Telecom as regional distributor

Spain: Acer has appointed regional broadliner Link Telecom as its exclusive distributor for its Aspire and Veriton series of desktops and Travelmate corporate notebooks in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and the entire North East region.

Tintri joins the Orchestra

Germany: VM-aware storage vendor Tintri has chosen storage VAD Orchestra Service as an official distributor in the country.

AOC officializes its relationship with Fire Bird

While the broadliner distributed its products since quite some time, display vendor AOC has announced that Fire Bird was now its official distributor in the Central Asian region. Fire Bird will push its monitors in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan (through its Dubai office), Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

A new owner for Disposelec

France: in a bad shape since some months, brown and white specialist Disposelec has been acquired by co-op Euronics for only €500k. Its managing director, Jean-Claude Rivière, has been laid out, along with two third of the employees. Now on a streamlined team of 22 people managed by Fabrice Filleur, Disposelec will remain "independant" and will focus on its traditional, 3500-reseller strong market as well as 40 Présence electrical goods shops. It is also coming back on the personal IT market, and is busy rebuilding a new portfolio. The distributor will leave its historical offices for a new warehouse near Nantes. Its former, half-sister company Actual Systèmes, whose Nantes' team is accomodated in Disposelec's current premises, will have to find out new offices.

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Kobe signs with Infortrend

Czech Republic: mobility specialist Kobe has been appointed official distributor for Infortrend NAS servers.

More Kingston for ACTIVA 2mil

Spain: broadliner ACTIVA 2mil has expanded its Kingston offer with its bulk ValueRAM memory modules.

Another Exclusive country for A10 Networks

Germany: already working together in Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, application delivery controller vendor A10 Networks has expanded its partnership with network and security VAD Exclusive Networks to its (young) German subsidiary.

Brightstar announces Michel Combes as first appointment to new board of advisors

Telephony specialist Brightstar, which is seemingly working on getting back on the European market on its own, has formed a board of advisors to strategically assist the company as it builds out a broad portfolio of products and services for the telephony industry. Michel Combes, former CEO of Vodafone Europe, is the first appointment to the board of advisors, to be joined with five more in the coming months. The board will provide guidance to Brightstar’s management team as it expands the company’s business development strategy, internally and externally, in support of continued transformation into a global services organization.

Another country for ABC Data

Hungary: after the Baltic states, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia, Polish broadliner ABC Data has further expanded its coverage of Eastern Europe with the opening of a new office in Budapest. ABC Data Hungary is managed by Viktor Hegedűs who, in the past and among others, has been business development manager for now-bankrupt mobility specialist Milcom.

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Beta stores on Drobo

United Kingdom: print specialist Beta Distribution has added Drobo RAID systems to its burgeoning storage range. The distributor will focus its efforts on the vendor’s Drobo Mini and Drobo 5D. Other storage vendors in the firm’s portfolio include TDK, Maxell, Memorex, Quantum and StorageTek. It joins storage VAD CMS Peripherals in Drobo’s local distribution stable.

BAB Distribution strengthens its sales team

Germany: beside Donald Vermeul, who is its sales director since last July, storage specialist BAB Distribution has hired Matthew Brand, Robert Nutsch and Salvatore Giraldo in its sales team. Matthew will cover the French and English-speaking as well as Nordics markets, Salvatore managed the Iberian market and Robert focuses on the retail market.

Michael Ulrich leaves Computerlinks

Switzerland: Michael Ulrich, who was key account manager for network and security VAD Computerlinks, has left the distributor to become Channel Sales Manager for UTM vendor Barracuda.

BigBen to leave telephony distribution

France: one year and a half after the acquisition of telephony specialist Modelabs Distribution, gaming specialist Bigben Interactive is planning to sell this business to its managers, through an LMBO. The management will initially acquire 5% of the capital of the structure, with an option to buy 46 more percent within the next 36 months. According to the distributor, the goal will be to focus on its traditional, long-term oriented activities, leaving a cash-hungry, trading-oriented activity aside.

Vidyo and Imago deliver cloud-based videoconferencing service

Videoconferencing vendor Vidyo has appointed video VAD Imago group as its first European "hosted distributor" of videoconferencing solutions. Imago has built a hosted service, VaaS-t (Video as a Service-trade only), using Vidyo technology, which Imago's reseller network will be able to sell to end-customers in a subscription model, removing the sales and deployment complexity of infrastructure deployment out of the equation. The absence of any capital outlay will permit users to enjoy cost-effective, risk-free adoption of video conferencing, while enabling resellers to convert the current high levels of interest in video-conferencing into a revenue stream far more quickly. The hosted service is immediately available in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, alongside traditional Vidyo solutions, that Imago distributes since for two years.

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MindGenius get connected

Poland: mind mapping editor MindGenius has appointed software and network VAD Connect Distribution as an official distributor in the country.

e-Concept introduces Neo Geo X

France: gaming specialist e-Concept Distribution has been chosen by SNK as the official distributor of the 2000 Neo Geo X vintage portable gaming consoles in the country.

Avnet Abacus connected with MPE Garry

Connector vendor MPE Garry has signed a distribution deal with semiconductor specialist Avnet Abacus for the DACH region (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland).

OLDI prints with Brother

Russia: broadliner OLDI has added Brother printers and multifunctions to its catalog.

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