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More vendors and services for Acmeo, ALSO and Comline

DACH: German cloud VAD Acmeo has been chosen by Israeli vendor Cybonet as an official distributor for the DACH region, for its PineApp Mail Secure product1. Following the acquisition of a majority in Bachmann Mobile Communications, Swiss broadliner ALSO has unveiled a new smartphone repair service named Smartgo. This service will be carried on through a network of Smartgo point-of-sales. According to ALSO, these should not be considered as a competition to resellers, as they will focus solely on smartphone repairs and will not sell anything else. Finally, German Mac specialist Comline has added the German DTP solutions VivaDesigner from Viva to its catalog2 (source: IT Business Deutschland 1 and 2, IT Reseller Schweiz).

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
ILICO Europe s.r.o. -  Czechia - Specialist
BHS Binkert Schweiz GmbH -  Switzerland - Broadliner
ELEME Polska Sp. z o.o. -  Poland - Specialist
Terra Solutions GmbH -  Germany - Specialist
Gadget Access Sdn Bhd -  Malaysia - Specialist
Atlantia Inc. -  Canada - Specialist
Erikson Consumer, a division of JAM Industries Ltd -  Canada - Specialist
Revo IT Consulting Ltd -  Hong Kong - Specialist
Safari Distribution GmbH -  Switzerland - Specialist
JabberKat Distribution Inc. -  Canada - Specialist

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