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Top Industrial/Professional 3D printer makers lose share in 2016

Worldwide shipments of 3D printers rose +32% in 2016 thanks to increased shipments of Personal/Desktop printers. Over the year, the number of Industrial/Professional printers shipped globally fell by -10% while sales of Personal/Desktop printers* increased by 34%. Stratasys and XYZprinting again led their respective segments in terms of global market share according to figures released today by CONTEXT, the IT market research company. Revenues generated from printer shipments were up in both segments but for vastly different reasons. The year-on-year increase of +8% in the Personal/Desktop segment was mostly due to higher volumes: the weighted average price dropped from €1,174 in 2015 to €951 in 2016 and fell to below €450 for market leaders XYZprinting and Monoprice. In the Industrial/Professional segment, printer revenues were up 9% compared to last year thanks not to larger printer shipment volumes, but to higher ASPs driven by growing sales of metal-based additive manufacturing machines: over the year, taking in all technologies and materials, the total weighted average price rose +21% to €107,679.

"Shipments of desktop 3D printers continue to rise even with the notion of 'a 3D printer for every household' no longer the single driving factor", notes Chris Connery, vice-president of Global Market Research and Analysis, CONTEXT. "Marketers now realize that commercial and educational markets are driving the growth for these devices as much as hobbyists and consumers."

On the Personal/Desktop side the year can be summarized as:

  1. continued domination by XYZprinting,
  2. the emergence of Monoprice as the #2 player,
  3. demand from failed crowdfunding deliveries shifting elsewhere,
  4. growing acceptance of machines as entry point into additive manufacturing and,
  5. continued growth of sales into B2B and education.

The top 3 manufacturers continued to dominate the Industrial/Professional market, but collectively lost share due to a challenging year for Stratasys and 3D Systems. Of the top three players, EOS was the notable stand-out exception, thanks to its growing metals business. In 2016, this side of the market was marked by:

  1. decreased sales from industry leaders Stratasys and 3D Systems,
  2. acquisitions by GE and the formation of GE Additive,
  3. the entrance of HP into the market with the shipment of their first Multi Jet Fusion printers, and (4) growing sales in stereolithography especially from long-time player EnvisionTEC and upstart Carbon.

"While the Industrial/Professional printer market has been historically characterised by its use for prototyping, any growth in this segment for the year came from printers used for ‘mass customization’ – such as for the dental industry – and from the sale of printers being used for complex, low-volume manufacturing such seen in the Metals space in the aerospace and medical industries", noted Connery.

SDC adds AGON rights in GCC

Middle East: MMD, the Asia Pacific brand licensing partner of AOC and AGON, has appointed Dubai-based broadliner SDC to market the AGON range of gaming monitors and AOC's premium range of monitors across the GCC. Sameh Gamal, business development manager at AOC in Middle East and Africa, said: "it is our pleasure to partner with SDC. Their experience in gaming market with various other leading brands and network of resellers convinced us that they will play a key role in increasing the presence of the AOC brand in the region. We were looking for a partner who understands the dynamics of gaming market and can support us in taking our premium range to the target audience. SDC, with its expertise, infrastructure, logistics and technical capabilities is a perfect fit to our strategy. We will work closely with SDC and support them in marketing initiatives. We plan to conduct a roadshow for partners in Dubai soon and we are confident that this will be a good start to our successful association with SDC."

Sergey Didenko, managing director at SDC, said: "we are excited to partner with AOC, they are one of the best brands in the business. Our region wide channel base and experience in the local market will increase the penetration for AOC brand in the market. It will also benefit channel partners from accessing more business opportunities provided by comprehensive range of AOC."

A new commercial director for Exertis

France: retail specialist Exertis has hired Fabian Piquet from Microsoft to become its new commercial director. Fabian replaces Laurent Cardi who left the company recently. He will be coached by Mhand Ait El Asri during a few weeks, until the departure of Mhand.

Another country for ALSO’s WaaS

A bit later than initially planned, broadliner ALSO has finally launched its WaaS (Workplace as a Service) platform in the Netherlands. This country becomes the seventh to be officially covered, after Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Brodos distributes Conie Telekommunikation

Germany: local mobile accessory vendor Conie Telekommunikation has appointed telephony specialist Brodos as an official distributor for its products.

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