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CybeReady and Softprom by ERC announced global reach expanding

Ukrainian software specialist Softprom by ERC and CybeReady, a provider of organizational phishing readiness, have announced a newly-signed global partnership agreement, to deploy and promote CybeReady solutions in 28 countries around the world through Softprom by ERC offices in Austria (for all central and eastern European countries), Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia (also covering Armenia), Kazakhstan (also for the remaining Central Asian countries, that is Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), Moldova, Russia and, of course, Ukraine.

CybeReady enables organizations to transform their security culture by strengthening their first line of defense: employees. It provides a data-driven learning experience supporting multi-languages through an automated adaptive solution that solves one of the enterprise's main security challenges – minimizing the risk of phishing.

CybeReady's state-of-the-art smart learning engine continuously adapts personalized simulations and just-in-time training content in direct response to employees' actions. As phishing attempts evolve, CybeReday's solution evolve – constantly formulating new attacks and varied content —driving up employess readiness to new phishing threats. It is fully adapted to the specifics of each region and industry, company's size, and locations among other factors, providing security teams and management with proven results in the process.

"CybeReady security learning approach is unique in its field and provides a true value to companies which are seeking for a professional fully-managed solution to phishing threats. I am positive Softprom by ERC global presence will allow additional companies to deploy it very easily, to reduce their security and training costs and be ready to phishing attacks in a very intensive cyber environment", said Paul Zhdanovych, Managing director of Softprom by ERC.

ACI Hellas, InfoQuest and Space Hellas sign news partnerships

Greece: print supply specialist ACI Hellas has been chosen by Samsung as an official distributor for its laser printers. Broadliner InfoQuest has been appointed distributor by virtualization editor Veeam1. Finally, network and security VAD Space Hellas has been granted tier-1 CSP status by Microsoft2 (source: Channel Tech Partner Hellas, Biztech Hellas 1 and 2).

Powersoft appoints Atendi

Denmark: audio amplifier vendor Powersoft has appointed AV VAD Atendi as its new distributor. Atendi is the result of a cooperation between Elektrik Solutions AS (Norway) and Bico Professionel A/S (Denmark). In 2015 the company diversified into pro audio, taking on Martin Audio in cooperation with the Norwegian-based Elektrik Solutions. The following year the two companies changed their names to form part of Atendi, and at the same time the first Swedish office opened in Gothenburg. "With Martin Audio in our portfolio of course, we were interested in representing them", noted Atendi A/S Pro Audio Sales & Support Michael Engman Rønnow. "As they move more towards passive speakers — from the CDD Live! series to ceiling speakers — these match perfectly with the Powersoft products", he said. "Since we do business as a reseller, as well as participating in the design and delivery of complete installs for music events, theatres, museums etc., we will also extend the support and sale of Powersoft to companies with different speaker brands as well."

One of a number of Tier 1 brands in a growing portfolio, Atendi's first priority in supporting its new brand acquisition will be to demonstrate the opportunities for both the rental and install markets. Rønnow recognises that geographically the region is widely spread, including the islands and Jutland — the latter in particular boasting many culture houses and theatres that are ripe for investment. The same is true of major cities such as the capital, Copenhagen. However, they see both the rental and burgeoning Install / AV sector as offering huge potential for Powersoft (source: inAVate United Kingdom).

More products at Desyman, Exertis, Informatica Megasur and Infowork

Spain: accessory and peripheral specialist Desyman has added Denver tablets for children to its catalog. Consumer electronics specialist Exertis has expanded its offer with ION Audio speakers. Broadliner Informatica Megasur has started the distribution of Tribe USB keys to its portfolio. Finally, its competitor Infowork has been chosen by Zopo as an official distributor for its smartphones.

Azlan distributes Informatica

Netherlands: infrastructure VAD Azlan, the value arm of broadliner Tech Data, has expanded its catalog with Informatica data management solutions (source: Channel Connect Nederland).

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