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Pure in partnership with Bigben Connected

France: Pure has chosen telephony accessory specialist Bigben Connected as official distributor for its Jongo multiroom speakers.

A new name for Modelabs Distribution

French gaming specialist Bigben Interactive has finalized the acquisition and reorganization of telephony specialist Modelabs Distribution. The distributor has kept the mobile accessory design and distribution business as Bigben Connected, while the mobile phone distribution business has taken its independance as Modelabs Mobile. Bigben Connected products (under Karl Lagerfeld, Quicksilver, Swarovski or Kenzo licences for example, but also under the Guess brand) are also available through Bigben Interactive subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

BigBen to leave telephony distribution

France: one year and a half after the acquisition of telephony specialist Modelabs Distribution, gaming specialist Bigben Interactive is planning to sell this business to its managers, through an LMBO. The management will initially acquire 5% of the capital of the structure, with an option to buy 46 more percent within the next 36 months. According to the distributor, the goal will be to focus on its traditional, long-term oriented activities, leaving a cash-hungry, trading-oriented activity aside.

Bigben to acquire Modelabs

France : in order to build up a group dedicated to multimedia convergence accessories, gaming vendor and distributor Bigben has announced plans to acquire the distribution business of telephony specialist Modelabs. Stéphane Bohbot, cofounder of ModeLabs Group and manager of Modelabs manufacturing business, will keep this business on his side. Bigben has developed a small telephony accessory business, which may indeed thrive if completed with Modelabs activity. Modelabs' turnover is twice more important than Bigben's. The new group will thus weight more €300m on the European market of telephony and gaming accessories.

Samsung launches its flash cards

Samsung Semiconductor Europe has launched a new line of CompactFlash and SD flash cards. Following this launch, these products will be distributed by Hama in Germany and Modelabs in France.

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Bigben Connected SA

Bigben Connected SA
65-67, rue de la Victoire
FR-75009 Paris
Phone : +33-143121212
Fax : +33-143121220
Website : http://www.bigben-connected.com


President : Mr Michel Bassot
CEO : Mr Alain Falc
Sales director : Mr Franck Dumortier
Sales director : Mr Grégory Couet
Sales manager : Mrs Angélique Ott
Purchase director or manager : Mrs Christelle Morinière
Purchase director or manager : Mrs Delphine Berdah
Communication director or manager : Mrs Laëticia Martins
Market manager : Mr Manuel Matei
Market manager : Mrs Estelle Journou
Product manager : Mrs Victoria Rouleaud
Product manager : Mr Paul Ly


Creation year : 1996
Siret : 403 361 439 00058
VAT number : FR 17 403 361 439
Annual turnover
2019 : 119,50 M€
2018 : 118,98 M€
2017 : 132,35 M€
2016 : 112,16 M€
2015 : 107,48 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 98/0/2
Export : Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Russia, United Kingdom
Specialist : Accessories and connectivity
Main brands : Huawei, JBL by Harman, Oppo, Samsung, Sony Mobile Communications
Clients : Associations, broadline e-commerce, broadliner, consumer electronics, dealers, hypermarkets (24%), marketplaces, phone shops, service providers, specialist, specialized and corporate resellers (9%), telecom operators (49%)
Employees : 104 people


Financial services
Automatic transfer, bank garanty, cheque, draft, factoring


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
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Cyberton Global DMCC -  United Arab Emirates - VAD
Rainbow International Distribution srl -  Romania - Specialist
GT Distribuzione Srl -  Italy - Specialist
Caetano Group Ltd -  Cyprus - Broadliner
1nfinitx Distribution -  France - Specialist

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