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Two new brands for Equipements Scientifiques, another one for TD Maverick and an acquisition for Trax Distribution

France: industrial computing specialist Equipements Scientifiques has quietly started the distribution of StackRack fanless servers and Lilliput industrial monitors through its reseller network. AV specialist TD Maverick has inked a distribution deal with electricity vendor Legrand, covering power management systems, UPS and power distribution infrastructures. This partnership is an extension of an existing distribution deal with C2G, another Legrand brand. Consumer electronic specialist Trax Distribution has acquired its competitor PNJ Cam, allowing it to strengthen its drone and sportcam offer. The acquisition is a milestone to reach its goal of a €100m turnover within a few years.

Trax Distribution in home automation with Hauppauge

France: consumer electronics specialist Trax Distribution has started the distribution of the new home automation offer of Hauppauge, which includes a Controler Starter Kit (including a controller, two smart plugs and an all-in-one presence detection device) and a Security Starter Kit (including a controller, a video-security camera, a smoke detector, a flood detector and an all-in-one presence detection device).

Trax Distribution prepares the iPhone 6

France: consumer electronics specialist Trax Distribution has signed a partnership with Imation subsidiary XtremeMac to distribute iPhone 6 accessories in local retail as soon as possible, as well as other, Apple-related accessories.

Trax Distribution shares photos with Sanho Digital

France: Mac specialist Trax Distribution has started on Medpi the distribution of the iUSBport wireless NAS server for USB keys and hard drives from Sanho Digital through its reseller network.

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
ELEME Polska Sp. z o.o.
Poland - Specialist
Terra Solutions GmbH
Germany - Specialist
Gadget Access Sdn Bhd
Malaysia - Specialist
Atlantia Inc.
Canada - Specialist
Erikson Consumer, a division of JAM Industries Ltd
Canada - Specialist
Revo IT Consulting Ltd
Hong Kong - Specialist
Safari Distribution GmbH
Switzerland - Specialist
JabberKat Distribution Inc.
Canada - Specialist
Systema Srl
Italy - Specialist
Germany - Specialist


Trax Distribution

Trax Distribution
18, allée du Grand-Totem
Bâtiment Cloudy City
FR-38070 St-Quentin-Fallavier
Phone : +33-437568080
Fax : +33-472132412
Website : http://www.trax-distribution.fr


CEO : Mr Olivier Granger
CFO : Mr François Annat
Sales director : Mr Fabien Boyer
Marketing director : Mrs Amélie Granger
CTO : Mr Théophile Voyron
Sales manager : Mr Sébastien Masson
Market manager : Mrs Mitzi Sotomayor


Creation year : 2011
Siret : 530 544 899 00046
VAT number : FR 24 530 544 899
Annual turnover
2019 : 60,00 M€
2018 : 52,00 M€
2017 : 45,00 M€
2016 : 25,60 M€
2015 : 19,46 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 90/0/10
Export : Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco
Specialist : Accessories and connectivity, smart tech, storage
Main brands : Bluestork, IconBit, MyKronoz, PNJ, Seagate
Clients : Apple Premium Resellers, associations, broadline e-commerce, consumer electronics, department stores, hypermarkets, independent retailers, marketplaces, specialized and corporate resellers
Employees : 47 people


Accessories and connectivity
Batteries and chargers
Destroy Pop, Duracell, IconBit, Kensington, Photofast (Sanho Digital), Seven Life, ZAGG (Mophie)
Cabling and connectivity
Bluestork, Case Logic, Duracell, Hyper by Sanho, IconBit, Jabra, Kensington, LaCie, Mediarange, Mobilis, Platinum, XtremeMac
External storage enclosures
IconBit, Kensington
Infrastructure accessories, bays and racks
Other accessories
Bluestork, Case Logic, Duracell, Kensington, Klim, Mediarange, SBox, The G-Lab
PC and notebook accessories
Atari, Case Logic, Kensington, LaCie, Micro Application, Mobilis, Skimp, XtremeMac, ZAGG (iFrogz), ZAGG (Mophie)

AV accessories
Kensington, Mobilis, Moki International
AV hardware
IconBit, Lenco
AV software
Micro Application
Personal and home audio
Aftershokz, Atari, Bluestork, Boombotix, Earin, Jabra, KitSound, Klim, Lenco, Mediarange, Merkury Innovations, Micro Application, Mobility Lab, Moki International, The G-Lab, X-Mini, XtremeMac, ZAGG (Braven), ZAGG (iFrogz)
IconBit, Kensington, Lenco

Computers and peripherals
Adapters and controllers
Bluestork, Jabra, LaCie
Printing and scanning
IRIS a Canon Company, Kensington, Kodak, Micro Application
Small peripherals
Bluestork, Case Logic, Destroy Pop, HP Inc., Hub-Data, Huion, Kensington, Klim, Mediarange, Micro Application, Mobilis, Mobility Lab, The G-Lab

Computing components

EDM (electronic document management)
EDM hardware
IRIS a Canon Company
EDM software
IRIS a Canon Company

Gaming hardware
Abyx, Arozzi, Atari, Duracell, Klim, The G-Lab
Gaming software
Atari, Micro Application

Mobile accessories
Adonit, Bluestork, C-Way, Case Logic, Duracell, HardCandy Cases, Hub-Data, Hyper by Sanho, IconBit, IRIS a Canon Company, ISKN, Jabra, Kensington, Kodak, Mediarange, Micro Application, Mobilis, Mobility Lab, Photofast (Sanho Digital), Q-Pen, XtremeMac, ZAGG (Braven), ZAGG (iFrogz)
Mobile phones and smartphones
IconBit, Kodak
Tablets and PDAs
IconBit, Lenco

Networks and telecoms
Network infrastructure
Voice- and video-over-IP hardware and software

Original spareparts
Original spareparts

Digital cameras and camcorders
AEE, Kodak, Lenco, PNJ
Photo/imaging accessories
Case Logic, Feiyu, Kodak, Miggö

Physical security

Services and cloud computing
Jabra, Micro Application

Smart tech
Automobile and biking
Babies and kids
C-Way, Kiddoo
Drones and robotics
AEE, Byrobot, Elanview, PNJ
Fitness, sports and outdoors
Micro Application, MyKronoz
Smart home
Duracell, Hauppauge, Kodak
Smart personal objects
Abyx, MyKronoz

Corporate software
Micro Application
Graphics software
Micro Application
Other software
Adonit, IRIS a Canon Company, Micro Application

External storage
Bluestork, Destroy Pop, Duracell, GoodRAM, Kensington, LaCie, Lexar, Mediarange, Platinum
Internal storage
GoodRAM, Lexar, Photofast (Sanho Digital)
Storage servers
IconBit, LaCie, Photofast (Sanho Digital)

Cleaning products and supplies
Print supplies
Kodak, Mediarange, Micro Application
Storage supplies
Duracell, GoodRAM, Kodak, LaCie, Lexar, Mediarange, Micro Application, Photofast (Sanho Digital), Platinum, TX Think Xtra


Value added services
After-sale service, field sales staff, product catalog
Financial services
30-day payment, automatic transfer, cash on delivery, cash with order, cash with trade discount, cheque, credit insurance, factoring, term of payment
Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : 72 hour(s)


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
ELEME Polska Sp. z o.o. -  Poland - Specialist
Terra Solutions GmbH -  Germany - Specialist
Gadget Access Sdn Bhd -  Malaysia - Specialist
Atlantia Inc. -  Canada - Specialist
Erikson Consumer, a division of JAM Industries Ltd -  Canada - Specialist
Revo IT Consulting Ltd -  Hong Kong - Specialist
Safari Distribution GmbH -  Switzerland - Specialist
JabberKat Distribution Inc. -  Canada - Specialist
Systema Srl -  Italy - Specialist
HiFi EXTRA GmbH -  Germany - Specialist

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