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Pico launches PubCoder

Italy: software specialist Pico has started the distribution of PubCoder, a tool to build easily advertisement and interactive digital content, in the country (source: Top Trade Informatica).

Computer Gross, Fiore, Pico and V-Valley sign new vendors

Italy: broadliner Computer Gross has expanded its security portfolio with Panda products and Avigilon video-security products. Cabling and networking specialist Fiore has added Riello UPS to its offer. Software specialist Pico has started the distribution of Twixl Publisher, a mobile content publishing platform. Finally, V-Valley, the value division of broadliner Esprinet, has chosen as SGBox as new vendor, aiming to help resellers and their customers manage and resolve their security problems (source: Channel City Italia, Digital4Biz Italia and Top Trade Informatica Italia).

More business for BB Tech, Computer Gross and Pico

Italy: cloud service provider Netalia has appointed network and security VAD BB Tech as an official distributor in the country. Broadliner Computer Gross has opened a new cash-and-carry in Palermo, to fulfill more efficiently the demands from the Sicilian resellers. In partnership with Inside Training, software specialist Pico has launched LiveClass, an e-learning service dedicated to resellers and their customers. LiveClass covers many topics, including apps (such as Adobe Creative Cloud), programming languages, web marketing, social medias or digital advertising. It is accessible 24/7 through subscriptions from one to 12 months (source: 01Net Italia and Channel City Italia).

Pico displays on Eizo

Italy: Japanese monitor vendor Eizo has appointed software specialist Pico as an official distributor in the country (source: Channel City Italia).

Desktop 3D Printer market grows slowly while industrial sales stall

Growth in the Desktop/Personal segment of the 3D printer market continued in Q2 2015, while the Industrial/Professional segment stalled, according to CONTEXT, the IT market analysis company. Key indicators suggest that, in the short term, demand for desktop printers will continue to be strong while that in the Industrial/Professional sector is less quantifiable.

"The nascent market of Desktop/Personal 3D Printers continues to change and evolve each quarter" notes Chris Connery, VP for Global Research at CONTEXT. "In the current landscape, shipments from the best known brands are not the best leading indicator of total global demand. However, customers voting with their dollars by backing crowdsourced efforts and maturing global distribution are."

Desktop/Personal 3D Printer Market

The number of Desktop/Personal 3D printers shipped worldwide Q2 2015 was 25% more than in Q2 2014. While this seems strong, over the previous four quarters unit shipments had risen by over 90% year-on-year. Q2 2015 marked the first ever sequential decline in unit shipments in this category. As in the previous quarter, much of the growth came by way of new players rather than from familiar brands. Market shares therefore continue to shift significantly from quarter to quarter, although Taiwan's XYZPrinting has been the most resilient recently and has now regained the global number one position.

China's Shining3D is the latest to show strong quarterly performance, with a large one-time shipment for Autodesk Asia PTE moving them from sixteenth in Q1 2015 to second globally in Q2 2015. High-profile market stalwarts Stratasys (MakerBot) and 3D Systems (Cube/Cubify) receive the most industry attention, but both brands struggled in this period and neither was responsible for the recent increase in unit shipments of sub-€4.5K 3D printers.

That there is continuing market demand for such devices is demonstrated by the largest crowdfunded unit volume sales seen to date for the Desktop/Personal printer segment. In this quarter, TIKO successfully raised almost €2.7M against over 16,000 units of its low-priced €159 delta-style 3D printer. These are scheduled to ship later this year and into 2016, suggesting that there are further share shifts on the horizon.

Other successfully funded crowdsourcing initiatives set for shipment in 2015 include BoXYZ’s €1,249 printer, which received over €1M in funding for 430+ printers, and the FLUX all-in-one €449 printer which raised over €1.44M for 2,300+ units. While many Kickstarter efforts are notoriously late to deliver, these pre-orders are still a good indicator of strong demand.

Industrial/Professional 3D Printer Market

While global shipments and demand on the Desktop/Personal side of the business remains strong, printer shipments on the Industrial/Professional side of the Additive Manufacturing sector continued to be challenged. Stratasys and 3D Systems are responsible for a significant portion of global unit sales and revenues in this segment, and both have again reported disappointing results in Q2 2015. This slowing down is seen as a short-term phenomenon with many noting that demand still remains strong. Indications are that many end-users are awaiting the entrance of players such as HP which announced its Multi Jet Fusion technology in 2014 although the first shipments are not due to come from the soon-to-be-split company until 2016. Additional reasons for the recent downturn are the "over-hyping" of the technology in recent years, followed by increased printer sales: the industry now needs to absorb this capacity before making further capital investments.

Overall Outlook

If these trends continue, then the Desktop/Personal segment is on track for a year-on-year unit growth rate of over 50% for 2014/2015, while the Industrial/Professional segment may only see single digit growth rates. It looks as if regional shipments will continue to be strongest in North America, especially in the Desktop/Personal segment. With an increased number of shipments scheduled for the AP region, some regional share-shift could occur in the near term, however. Additionally, the EMEA region also looks poised for growth with announcements of new or expanded B2B and B2C distribution for from the likes of ABC Data, Exertis, MediaWorld (Italy), Midwich, Pico and others.

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
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India - Specialist
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Pico Srl

Pico Srl
Via Costituzione, 29
IT-42100 Reggio Emilia
Phone : +39-0522512332
Fax : +39-522511061
Website : http://www.pico.it


President : Dr Doriano Guerrieri
CEO : Eng Maurizio Desperati
Sales director : Mr Mauro Bernardini


Creation year : 1988
REA : RE033-16707
VAT number : IT 00746820356
Annual turnover
2021 : 2,35 M€
2020 : 6,73 M€
2019 : 23,87 M€
2018 : 23,03 M€
2017 : 21,78 M€
Active resellers : 16
Specialist : Software
Main brands : Adobe, Corel, Filemaker, Pinnacle Systems, Wacom
Clients : Broadline e-commerce, buying groups, consumer electronics, dealers, independent retailers, IT consulting, system integrators and VARs, marketplaces, service providers, specialized and corporate resellers
Employees : 19 people


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Luckystar Computers (I) Pvt Ltd -  India - Specialist
Netsafe Solutions Hravtska d.o.o. -  Croatia - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Bulgaria e.o.o.d. -  Bulgaria - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Srl -  Romania - VAD
Arrow ECS Slovakia s r.o. -  Slovakia - VAD
Share Distribuzione Srl -  Italy - VAD
Ignition Technology Sub-Saharan Africa -  South Africa - VAD
Ignition Technology ME -  United Arab Emirates - VAD
Ignition Technology France -  France - VAD
Kosmotech (KSM YuA TOV) -  Ukraine - Specialist

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