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Ingram poised to further streamline EMEA back-office functions

American broadliner Ingram Micro is set to move more processes to its service centre in Sofia as its pan-EMEA back office reshuffle continues, according to EMEA executive vice president Mark Snider. Ought to Snider, the firm has been streamlining processes in its warehouses for some time, but is now putting more of a focus on speeding up office functions, which will in turn put more demand on its services centre in Sofia, Bulgaria. The distributor has hired a "Lean" European director and in-country staff responsible for improving office efficiency. "We have this balancing act where, at the same time, we have implemented 'Lean' which allows us to go through the processes we have and streamline them. We do that in the warehouses… but we are doing that in the offices now - we have hired a Lean leader for Europe… and we have hired Lean people in different countries. The idea is the back office processes will become more concerned, because in a lot of distribution you have complex processes coming from vendors and from the customers and we tend to try to fit them as opposed to forcing all of them to fit us", said Snider. The total headcount at the Sofia centre, which provides back-office functions and standardised support across EMEA, has risen to more than 1,000 employees, a number which is likely to increase as the firm looks to streamline office functions across its EMEA territories.

"We have over 1,000 [people] now in Sofia. It works really well. There are some advantages to it, it is so close to the rest of Europe, it is inexpensive, it is a fast flight to get there or for them to come to European countries," Snider said. "It is less expensive than the local market and the advantages, as they do more of these back-end functions for Europe as time goes on, they start being able to streamline some of the processes that go there. They get better at doing these processes, so it is definitely part of the longer-term strategy to lay that out. What you can't do with automation, we find [do via] that group. We probably will grow the headcount in Sofia, but I think even more we are streamlining more functions at the same time."

In the past, consolidating in-country support functions across Europe has meant Ingram has had to lay off regional staff. In 2014, the firm announced a restructure process which saw its Sofia centre expand at the potential expense of jobs. Snider said that the firm is instead concentrating on ramping up headcount in areas such as cloud and commerce and fulfilment. "It seems to be so far that the roles evolve into more of these strategic roles so they are less administrative. There have been cuts here and there, but when you take a look at the overall population in some countries, they have morphed into [being] more strategic and coming more into the cloud area as that continues to grow. The commerce and fulfilment solution area is a real growing area for us, so that is growing as well from a headcount perspective", concludes Mark Snider (source: Channelnomics Europe).

ITWORX signs partnership with Ingram Micro

In a step to reinforce its global reach, IT service provider ITWORX announced its partnership with Ingram Micro Global as an official worldwide distributor of "ITWORX HUB", the Office 365 digital workplace for Microsoft Office 365 customers looking to foster employee engagement and boost productivity. Through this agreement, ITWORX brings its renowned Microsoft-powered SaaS productivity platform "ITWORX HUB" closer to all Office 365 customers worldwide. ITWORX HUB provides businesses with an intuitive, smart and personalized solution that serves as a one-stop shop for all corporate applications, boosting teamwork and collaboration anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Commenting on the partnership, Hafez Hamdy, CEO of ITWORX, said: "ITWORX HUB brings the power of the Microsoft Cloud to the fingertips of employees in an intuitive and engaging experience that they can access at work, home, or out in the field. We’re excited about our partnership with Ingram Micro, which aims at strengthening and expanding ITWORX HUB impact and global reach."

By extending the capabilities of Office 365, ITWORX HUB empowers employees to stay productive and engaged at all time by gathering all their needs in one tool. With intelligent features that boost productivity, ITWORX HUB makes employees' daily tasks just one click away; from getting to know company news to submitting vacation requests, reviewing subordinates' work, collaborating across-functions on corporate projects, issuing invoices to customers, or simply booking meeting rooms. Additionally, ITWORX HUB's intuitive, modern and friendly design makes communicating with team mates and accessing corporate resources an enjoyable and engaging experience for all employees, while Workspaces & Groups enable chat-like exchanges and ensures team resources such as documents, project plans, and performance dashboards are kept in one place. With its vast global infrastructure and focus on cloud, mobility, supply chain and technology solutions, Ingram Micro's partnership with ITWORX will offer Ingram's web of partners around the world (in the EMEA, through its offices in Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom) a unique software that brings an added value to their customers.

Ingram Micro named global Symantec distribution partner

Building on its success in advanced IT security, broadliner Ingram Micro is now a key global distribution partner for Symantec and an authorized distributor for the network security portfolio Symantec gained through its acquisition of Blue Coat last August. "With Symantec and Ingram Micro as part of our partner ecosystem, we are empowered and enabled to deliver the advanced managed security services and solutions businesses need to confidently capitalize on the business-building benefits of cloud computing", said Pat Grillo, Chairman of the Board Atrion, an Ingram Micro channel partner.

Under the new scope, Ingram Micro will expand its reach from multi-regional to global, and support Symantec's Integrated Cyber Defense enterprise portfolio including endpoint, email, data loss prevention, data center, cloud security and secure web gateway solutions. Channel partners across several key regions including the Americas, Europe and Asia can now easily engage Ingram Micro to establish a new or expanded relationship with Symantec. Additionally, existing Ingram Micro / Symantec channel partners can expand their solutions portfolio and services reach to include complementary product lines and international customers.

"Serving as a key global distribution partner for Symantec and expanding our authorization is rewarding and an opportunity we worked hard to secure and will certainly capitalize on", said Thomas Bamrick, director, Global Vendor Engagement, Ingram Micro. "Our ability to out execute and add greater business value to Symantec's business is proven, and we are excited to build on our success and enable more channel partners worldwide to take advantage of all Symantec has to offer."

Together, Ingram Micro and Symantec offer channel partners the sales, marketing and technical support resources needed to speed the sales cycle and simplify success, while maximizing channel partner’s potential for profitable growth. "Symantec is committed to the channel and excited to have Ingram Micro as part of its go-to-market global business strategy as we secure the Cloud Generation", said Erick Foy, director of channel sales for North America for Symantec. "Our distribution partners are an essential part of our new channel program and together we will succeed."

Ingram Micro strengthens EMEA services offering with Elements Support Suite

Broadliner Ingram Micro has launched Elements Support Suite (ESS) - a proactive approach to Cisco support services. Elements is available across all Cisco architectures and to all Ingram Micro partners in 8 countries across the EMEA region: Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, which account for around 80% of the services opportunities. Phase 2 countries are set to launch later in the year. As part of Elements there will be two packages available to partners depending on the level of support services they wish to choose: Basic and Gold. With this support suite, Ingram Micro is enabling its partners to become trusted advisors to their customers, as well as build and increase customer satisfaction & loyalty. "With this unique service offering, Ingram Micro is able to offer its partners in EMEA the same level of support services as Cisco, plus even more besides. We are able to provide a safety net to ensure customers' IT infrastructure remains secure and problems are resolved quickly as well as help them to improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime", says Jordi Munoz, Director EMEA Value Vendor Engagement. "With the launch of Elements Support Suite, Ingram Micro will be leading in services innovation; being the first distributor to launch this service worldwide. It’s another example of how we are bringing tremendous added value to our partners."

Another country for Ingram's cloud marketplace

Ireland: Irish partners of Ingram Micro Cloud are set to benefit from access to a range of cloud services with the regional launch of the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. The Marketplace supports the Ingram Micro Ecosystem of cloud, comprising buyers, sellers and solutions that enable channel partners and professionals to configure, provision, and manage cloud technologies on demand. Apay Obang-Oyway, director cloud Northern Europe at Ingram Micro Cloud, said: "extending the Cloud Marketplace to Ireland is the natural continuation of our ever expanding cloud capabilities across the region as we increase the footprint of the Ingram Micro Ecosystem of Cloud. The partner community represented within our Ecosystem of Cloud already encompasses partners in Ireland looking to leverage the rapid Cloud adoption happening in the Irish market and beyond. Increased investment and focus on the Digital Economy by a myriad of stakeholders consistently brings improved infrastructure across the globe and having a positive impact on the adoption of cloud. Many of our vendor partners also chose Ireland as one of the first locations for their European operations, which is a testament to the country's openness to new technology." The Cloud Marketplace in Ireland will enable partners to deliver solutions from vendor partners including Acronis, Cirius, Dropbox, IBM, the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider programme (CSP), Nomadesk and Symantec (source: Tech Central Ireland).

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Cyber Knight Technologies FZ LLC
United Arab Emirates - VAD
ILICO Europe s.r.o.
Czechia - Specialist
BHS Binkert Schweiz GmbH
Switzerland - Broadliner
ELEME Polska Sp. z o.o.
Poland - Specialist
Terra Solutions GmbH
Germany - Specialist
Gadget Access Sdn Bhd
Malaysia - Specialist
Atlantia Inc.
Canada - Specialist
Erikson Consumer, a division of JAM Industries Ltd
Canada - Specialist
Revo IT Consulting Ltd
Hong Kong - Specialist
Safari Distribution GmbH
Switzerland - Specialist


Ingram Micro (UK) Ltd, Advanced Solutions division

Ingram Micro (UK) Ltd, Advanced Solutions division
SC House
Vanwall Road
SL6 4UB Maidenhead
United Kingdom
Phone : +44-8719733000
Website : http://www.ingrammicro.co.uk


General manager : Mr Julian Thompson
Sales manager : Mr Martin Bannister
Division director or manager : Mr Scott Murphy
Market manager : Mr Matt Bramwell


Creation year : 1987
Company registration number : 01609968
VAT number : GB 440 3552 80
Annual turnover
2010 : 57,12 M€
2009 : 50,00 M€
2008 : 110,00 M€
2002 : 157,00 M€
2001 : 170,00 M€
Indirect turnover : 100%
Export : Ireland
VAD : Networks and telecoms, security
Main brands : HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware
Clients : Assemblers, associations, broadline e-commerce, broadliner, consumer electronics, dealers, department stores, hypermarkets, independent retailers, ISV, software developers and editors, IT consulting, system integrators and VARs, marketplaces, service providers, specialist, specialized and corporate resellers, trader, xSP


Accessories and connectivity
Cabling and connectivity
Allied Telesis, Amer Networks, Atto, Cisco, Cisco (Meraki), Veracity
Hardware test products
Cisco, Cisco (Cognio), Ekahau
Infrastructure accessories, bays and racks
Cisco, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Supermicro

AV accessories
Large-format display
Personal and home audio
Professional AV hardware

Computers and peripherals
Adapters and controllers
Atto, Cisco
Cisco, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Supermicro
Thin computing
Cisco, Fujitsu Technology Solutions

EDM (electronic document management)
EDM hardware
Fujitsu PFU Imaging Solutions, NetApp
EDM software

Fixed phones, faxes and accessories
Mobile accessories
Subscriptions and prepaid products

Networks and telecoms
Network infrastructure
AddOn Networks, Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, Amer Networks, Cisco, Cisco (IronPort), Cisco (Lancope), Cisco (Meraki), CradlePoint, Ekahau, NetApp, Samsung, SilverNet
Voice- and video-over-IP hardware and software
Allied Telesis, Allied Telesis Wireless, Cisco, Zoom Video Communications

IT security
Allied Telesis, Cisco, Cisco (IronPort), Cisco (OpenDNS), NetApp, Netscout Arbor, Phoenix Technologies

Services and cloud computing
Broadcom div. Symantec Enterprise, Cisco, Cisco (IronPort), Cisco (Meraki), Cisco (ScanSafe), HPE, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft, NetApp, SIPsynergy, Zix (DeliverySlip), Zoom Video Communications, Zynstra
Allied Telesis Wireless, Cisco, Cisco (Cognio), Cisco (IronPort), Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HPE, HPE Networking, NetApp, Netscout Arbor, XOR

Corporate software
Cisco, Flexcom, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE Networking, NetApp
Other software
Ekahau, NTP Software, Phoenix Technologies

Internal storage
Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Hitachi
Storage infrastructure
Atto, Cisco, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, NetApp
Storage servers
Cisco, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HPE (3PAR Data), HPE (Nimble Storage), HPE Networking, NetApp, Whiptail
Storage software
Cisco, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, HPE (3PAR Data), NetApp, NTP Software


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Cyber Knight Technologies FZ LLC -  United Arab Emirates - VAD
ILICO Europe s.r.o. -  Czechia - Specialist
BHS Binkert Schweiz GmbH -  Switzerland - Broadliner
ELEME Polska Sp. z o.o. -  Poland - Specialist
Terra Solutions GmbH -  Germany - Specialist
Gadget Access Sdn Bhd -  Malaysia - Specialist
Atlantia Inc. -  Canada - Specialist
Erikson Consumer, a division of JAM Industries Ltd -  Canada - Specialist
Revo IT Consulting Ltd -  Hong Kong - Specialist
Safari Distribution GmbH -  Switzerland - Specialist

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