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New brands for Auvix, Grafitek, Inter and Marvel Distributsia

Russia: AV specialist Auvix has added three new vendors to its catalog, Mikrotik (networking products), Ubiquiti (meshed networks) and Yealink (IP phones)1. Its competitor Inter has been named official distributor by audio and video signal distribution vendor Crestron2. Retail specialist Grafitec has been appointed official distributor by gaming seat vendor L33T3. Finally, broadliner Marvel Distributsia has been chosen by AIC as an official distributor for its storage systems4 (source: CRN Rossiya 1, 2, 3 and 4).

Marvel gets mobile with Deppa

Russia: mobile accessory vendor Deppa has appointed broadliner Marvel Distributsia as an official distributor for the country (source: CRN Rossiya).

Axoft, Marvel, MONT Distribution and RRC sign more partners

Russia: software specialist Axoft has been appointed by PostgreSQL database editor as its official distributor in the country. Broadliner Marvel Distributsia has inked a deal with Hideez Group, to distribute its Bluetooth authentication devices in the country1. CAD editor Bentley Systems has chosen software specialist MONT Distribution as its official local distributor2. Finally, multispecialist RRC has added R&M cabling systems to its portfolio3 (source: CRN Rossiya 1, 2 and 3).

Marvel Distributsia, MONT and OCS sign new vendors

CIS: broadliner Marvel Distributsia has expanded its mobility portfolio for Russia with Doogee smartphones1. McAfee has appointed software specialist MONT Distribution as its official distributor for Russia and Central Asia, which will be covered through MONT local offices in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Finally, broadliner OCS Distribution has started to distribute Kraftmark mobile accessories in Russia through its reseller network2 (source: CRN Rossiya, Astera Rossiya 1 and 2).

Two new brands for Marvel Distributsia

Russia: broadliner Marvel Distributsia has unveiled two additions to its catalog, Drobo (secured storage systems)1 and Nokia (feature phones)2 (source: CRN Rossiya 1 and 2).

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Italy - VAD
EA Accessories Ltd
Ireland - Specialist
Aqaio GmbH
Germany - VAD
SC Magazin GSM srl
Romania - Specialist
Multipoint Nordics OÜ
Estonia - VAD
EMA Distribution srl
Italy - Specialist
Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o.
Poland - Broadliner
A&C Systems France
France - Specialist
FieldTrust bvba/sprl
Belgium - VAD
Aqipa United Kingdom Ltd
United Kingdom - Specialist


Marvel Distributsia

Marvel Distributsia
Ul. Kievskaya 5/3
RU-196084 Sankt-Peterburg
Phone : +7-8123263232
Fax : +7-8123263233
Website : http://www.marvel.ru

Other offices
RU-107076 Moskva
Phone : +7-4957458008


President : Mr Sergey Girdin
Vice-president : Mr Sergey Lapko
Vice-president : Mr Konstantin Shlyakhov
Vice-president : Mr Sergei Patskevich
Vice-president : Mr Anton Cherepakhin
Vice-president : Mr Anton Cherepakhin
General manager : Mr Aleksei Melnikov
Marketing director : Mr Aleksandr Yanovsky
CTO : Mr Dimitri Fedoseev
Sales manager : Mr Valeri Kochkin
Sales manager : Mr Oleg Slysh
Sales manager : Mr Vitali Sosnov
Sales manager : Mr Ivan Paikov
Division director or manager : Mr Vladimir Nikulin
Division director or manager : Mr Aleksandr Rozov
Division director or manager : Mr Aleksandr Slepuhin
Division director or manager : Mr Pavel Gavrilin
Division director or manager : Mr Andrei Kirichevski
Division director or manager : Mrs Larisa Shutava
Division director or manager : Mr Dmitry Kuptsov
Division director or manager : Mr Mikhail Volkov
Purchase director or manager : Mr Alexei Zapotylok
Purchase director or manager : Mr Pavel Surin
Purchase director or manager : Mr Piotr Ermakov
Communication director or manager : Mrs Yuliya Salagaeva
Market manager : Mr Pavel Vyukov
Market manager : Mr Nikolay Gukasyan
Market manager : Mr Aleksandr Rozov
Market manager : Mr Vadim Talanyuk
Market manager : Mr Mikhail Fechin
Department manager : Mr Mikhail Volkov
Product manager : Mrs Natalia Ivanova
Product manager : Mrs Anastasia Shakhova
Product manager : Mrs Natalia Popugaev
Product manager : Mr Aleksandr Rozov
Product manager : Mrs Tatiana Kalashnikova
Product manager : Mr Sergei Kosarin
Product manager : Mr Andrei Kosko
Product manager : Mr Roman Studenikin
Product manager : Mr Vyacheslav Alexeiev
Product manager : Mr Sergei Lavrentiev
Product manager : Mr Aleksandr Nepomnyaschy
Product manager : Mr Yakov Arkhipenko
Product manager : Mrs Maria Bobrova


Creation year : 1991
OKPO (Obchesoyouzni kod predpriyatii i organizatsii) : 81435122
VAT number : 7718651139
Annual turnover
2018 : 761,95 M€
2017 : 864,68 M€
2016 : 821,35 M€
2015 : 795,67 M€
2014 : 920,35 M€
Active resellers : 4200
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 64/26/10
Export : Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia
Main brands : Acer, HPE, IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft
Clients : Broadline e-commerce (6%), dealers (18%), IT consulting, system integrators and VARs (37%), marketplaces (6%), phone shops (16%), specialized and corporate resellers (18%)
Employees : 1000 people


Accessories and connectivity
Batteries and chargers
Accesstyle, Anker, Belkin, Calibre Style, Cooler Master, Datalogic, Deppa, Digitus, GoPro, Honeywell, HTC, IconBit, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Kyocera, Maxell, muvit, NEC, Nokia, Poly, Sony, TWS, Xiaomi
Cabling and connectivity
AIC, AMX by Harman, Anker, Apacer, APC by Schneider Electric, Archos, Artwizz, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Belkin, Chieftec, CommScope (Ruckus Wireless), Cooler Master, Coriant, Crestron, D-Link, Deppa, Digi, Digitus, Eaton (Keyspan), Eaton (Tripp-Lite), Extreme Networks (Enterasys), Extron, Genius, Hiper, Honeywell, HPE Networking, HTC, IconBit, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Juniper Networks, Kyocera, LaCie, Logitech, Moizen, Molex, muvit, Nexans-NCS, Poly, R&M, Rittal, Schneider Electric, Shure, TP-Link, Vertiv (Avocent), Western Digital (SanDisk)
External storage enclosures
AIC, Belkin, Cooler Master, Digitus, IconBit, Silicon Power, Transcend
Hardware test products
D-Link, Digitus, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), HPE Networking, Riverbed
Infrastructure accessories, bays and racks
AIC, APC by Schneider Electric, Belkin, C3 Solutions, Chieftec, Conteg, Digi, Digitus, Eaton (Tripp-Lite), LaCie, Molex, Rittal, Supermicro, TP-Link, Uniflair, Vertiv (Avocent), Vertiv (Liebert)
Other accessories
Artwizz, Cooler Master, Digitus, Fellowes, Logitech, Maxell
PC and notebook accessories
Archos, Artwizz, Belkin, Bluebird Soft, Cooler Master, Cozistyle, Datalogic, Digitus, Fellowes, Honeywell, HTC, Incipio (Griffin Technology), LaCie, Logitech, muvit, NEC, Poly, SkullCandy, Sony, Tech21, Western Digital (SanDisk), Xiaomi

AV accessories
Anker, Chief, Digitus, Eaton (Keyspan), Fellowes, Genius, HTC, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Logitech, muvit, Projecta, Sony, Transcend, TWS
AV hardware
Apacer, Archos, ASUS, Digitus, Genius, IconBit, Ion Audio, Maxell, SberDevices, Sony, Transcend, Western Digital, Western Digital (SanDisk)
AV software
AKG by Harman
Large-format display
Delta, Philips, Unilumin
Personal and home audio
1More, accesstyle, AKG by Harman, Anker, Apacer, Archos, Artwizz, Belkin, Cooler Master, Deppa, Digitus, Divoom, Genius, Harman Kardon, Hiper, House of Marley, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Ion Audio, JBL by Harman, Kivi, Logitech, Marshall Headphones, Maxell, muvit, Onkyo, Philips, Poly, Sennheiser, Shure, SkullCandy, Sony, Transcend, UrbanEars, Western Digital (SanDisk), Wraps
Professional AV hardware
Dahua Technology, iFLYTEK, Infomir, Philips
Anker, Christie, Sharp NEC Display Solutions
AOC, ASUS, Digitus, Funke, Genius, IconBit, Irbis, Philips, SberDevices, Supra

Computers and peripherals
3D printing and scanning
BQ, Inno3D, XYZ Printing
Adapters and controllers
AudioCodes, Belkin, D-Link, Digi, Digitus, LaCie, Logitech, muvit, TP-Link, Vertiv (Avocent)
Acer, AOC, HPE (SGI), Iiyama, LG, NEC, Philips, Sharp NEC Display Solutions
Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, MSI, NEC
Printing and scanning
Brother, Canon, F+ Imaging, Genius, Ion Audio, IRIS a Canon Company, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark
F+ Data, HPE, HPE (SGI), HPE (Simplivity), Lenovo, NEC, Oracle, Supermicro
Small peripherals
Apacer, Belkin, Chieftec, Cooler Master, Digitus, Genius, Hiper, Logitech
Smartcard environments
Datalogic, Honeywell, Transcend
Thin computing
Juniper Networks, MicroFocus (Novell), NEC

Computing components
Cases and power supplies
AIC, Chieftec, Cooler Master, Delta, Hiper, Supermicro, Transcend
Cooling and tuning
AMD, Chieftec, Cooler Master, Digitus, Hiper
Apacer, GoodRAM, NEC, PQI, Silicon Power, Transcend
Motherboards and graphic cards
AMD, Inno3D, Palit, Supermicro, Transcend

Electric protection
Electrical protection
APC by Schneider Electric, Belkin, Conteg, CRI Impulse, Delta, Eaton (Tripp-Lite), Huawei, Powercom, Schneider Electric, Vertiv (Liebert)

Gaming hardware
Artwizz, Belkin, GameSir, Gamevice, Genius, Ion Audio, Logitech

E-book readers
Bookeen, Pocketbook Global
Fixed phones, faxes and accessories
Avaya, Kyocera, Poly, YeaLink
Archos, Datalogic, Digitus, Honeywell
Mobile accessories
Anker, APC by Schneider Electric, Artwizz, Avaya, Belkin, Bluebird Soft, Cooler Master, Datalogic, Delta, Deppa, Digitus, Fellowes, Genius, Gepard, Hiper, Honeywell, HTC, IconBit, Incipio (Griffin Technology), LaZarr, Logitech, M3 Mobile, Maxell, Medisana, Microsoft (Lumia), muvit, MyScreenPROTECTOR, Nokia, Poly, Poly, Rys, Sennheiser, Sony, Tech21, TP-Link, Transcend, Vertiv (Liebert), Xiaomi, YeaLink
Mobile phones and smartphones
Acer, Archos, BQ, Doogee, Elephone, F+ Mobile, Fly Phone, HTC, Huawei, IconBit, Irbis, Itel, Kyocera, M3 Mobile, Meizu, Microsoft (Lumia), Nokia, OnePlus, Realme, Samsung, Sony Mobile Communications, TP-Link, Transsion, TurboPad, Vivo, Xiaomi, Yezz, ZTE
Tablets and PDAs
Acer, Archos, Bluebird Soft, Datalogic, Honeywell, HTC, Huawei, IconBit, Irbis, M3 Mobile, Maxell, Samsung, Senkatel, Supra, TurboPad, Xiaomi

Networks and telecoms
Network infrastructure
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, AMX by Harman, Apacer, Archos, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, ASUS, AudioCodes, Axis Communications, Belkin, CommScope (Ruckus Wireless), D-Link, Digi, Digitus, Eaton (Keyspan), Edge-Core, Extreme Networks, Extreme Networks (Enterasys), F+ Data, Fortinet, Fortinet (Coyote Point Systems), Fortinet (Meru Networks), Genius, Hitachi Vantara, HPE (SGI), HPE Networking, Huawei, IBM Security Systems, Ivanti (PulseSecure), Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks (Cyphort), Kyocera, M3 Mobile, Mercusys, MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (NetIQ PlateSpin), MicroFocus (NetIQ), MicroFocus (Novell), Mist Systems, Poly, Riverbed, Schneider Electric, TP-Link, Vertiv (Avocent), Western Digital, Western Digital (SanDisk)
Voice- and video-over-IP hardware and software
AMX by Harman, AudioCodes, Avaya, Avizia, Belkin, D-Link, Digitus, Eaton (Keyspan), Fortinet (Meru Networks), Genius, HPE Networking, Huawei, Juniper Networks, Logitech, Poly, Sennheiser, YeaLink

Digital cameras and camcorders
AdvoCAM, AEE, Canon, DJI, Genius, GoPro, Ion Audio, Kyocera, Matin, Nikon, Olympus, OnReal, Sony, Transcend
Photo/imaging accessories
AEE, Deppa, Feiyu, Genius, GoPro, Kyocera, Matin, Olympus, OnReal, Tamron

POS hardware
Bluebird Soft, Citizen, Datalogic, Digi, Honeywell, M3 Mobile
RFID hardware and software
Datalogic, Honeywell, M3 Mobile

IT security
Aruba Networks a HPE Company, Avaya, CommScope (Ruckus Wireless), Digitus, Fortinet, Fortinet (Identity Networks), Hideez, HPE Security, Huawei, IBM Security Systems, Indeed ID, Ivanti (PulseSecure), Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks (Cyphort), MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (Attachmate), Microfocus (Covertix), MicroFocus (GWava), MicroFocus (NetIQ), MicroFocus (Novell), Net Insight, Poly, Riverbed, Smart-Soft
Physical security
APC by Schneider Electric, Axis Communications, D-Link, Dahua Technology, Digi, Digitus, Genius, Honeywell, Huawei, iHealth Lab, Imou, Laxihub, Logitech, Medisana, QNAP, TP-Link, Vanderbilt

Services and cloud computing
CommVault, Fortinet, Ixia, a Keysight business, Juniper Networks, Mail.ru, MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (GWava), MicroFocus (Novell), Microsoft, Riverbed
APC by Schneider Electric, Aruba Networks a HPE Company, AudioCodes, Avaya, Bluebird Soft, CommScope (Ruckus Wireless), CommVault, Dahua Technology, Digi, Extreme Networks, Fortinet, Fortinet (Meru Networks), HPE Networking, Juniper Networks, Juniper Networks (Cyphort), Kyocera, M3 Mobile, MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (Attachmate), MicroFocus (NetIQ PlateSpin), MicroFocus (Novell), NEC, Poly, Riverbed, Seagate, StorCentric (Drobo), Vertiv (Avocent), Vertiv (Liebert)

Smart tech
Automobile and biking
Supra, Transcend
Drones and robotics
Ninebot, Segway, Supra
Fitness, sports and outdoors
HealBe, iHealth Lab
IHealth Lab, Medisana, muvit, OneTrack, Supra
Home appliances
Smart home
Aqara, Crestron, Maxell, muvit, Schneider Electric, Signify (Philips Lighting), TP-Link, Tuya, Yandex
Smart personal objects

Corporate software
Avaya, Fortinet, HPE Networking, Juniper Networks, Kyocera, Mashtab, MicroFocus, MicroFocus (Arcsight), MicroFocus (Attachmate), MicroFocus (Borland), MicroFocus (GWava), MicroFocus (NetIQ PlateSpin), MicroFocus (NetIQ), MicroFocus (Novell), Oracle, PostgreSQL
Development software
BellSoft, HPE (SGI), MicroFocus, MicroFocus (Borland), MicroFocus (Novell), Oracle
Graphics software
Office automation software
MicroFocus (Novell), Oracle
Operating systems
MicroFocus (Novell), NTTs IT Rosa, Oracle
Other software
Datalogic, HPE (SGI), MicroFocus, MicroFocus (Attachmate), MicroFocus (Novell), MOVAVI, Oracle, UIPath

External storage
Apacer, Archos, Belkin, Chieftec, Deppa, Digitus, Genius, GoodRAM, HPE, HPE (SGI), IBM, Incipio (Griffin Technology), LaCie, Maxell, NEC, Netac, PQI, Seagate, Silicon Power, Sony, StorCentric (Drobo), Transcend, Western Digital, Western Digital (SanDisk)
Internal storage
Apacer, GoodRAM, HPE, IBM, Maxell, PQI, Seagate, Silicon Power, Toshiba, Transcend, Western Digital, Western Digital (SanDisk)
Storage infrastructure
Digitus, F+ Data, Gagar>In, Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi Vantara (Sepaton), HPE, HPE (SGI), Huawei, IBM, Inspur, Juniper Networks, NEC, Seagate, StorCentric (Drobo), Western Digital (SanDisk)
Storage servers
AIC, Belkin, D-Link, Digitus, F+ Data, Gagar>In, Hitachi Vantara, HPE, HPE Networking, Huawei, IBM, IconBit, Inspur, LaCie, Lenovo, NEC, QNAP, Riverbed, Seagate, StorCentric (Drobo), Western Digital
Storage software
CommVault, Commvault (Hedvig), Hitachi Vantara, IBM, Inspur, Juniper Networks (Apstra), MicroFocus (GWava), MicroFocus (HPE Software), Seagate, StorCentric (Drobo)

Cleaning products and supplies
Digitus, Fellowes, Kyocera, Maxell, muvit
Print supplies
Citizen, Fellowes, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera
Storage supplies
Apacer, Archos, Digitus, Fellowes, GoodRAM, GoPro, LaCie, Maxell, muvit, Netac, PQI, Seagate, Silicon Power, Sony, Transcend, Western Digital, Western Digital (SanDisk)
Videoprojector lamps
Christie, Delta


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
ACTS Srl -  Italy - VAD
EA Accessories Ltd -  Ireland - Specialist
Aqaio GmbH -  Germany - VAD
SC Magazin GSM srl -  Romania - Specialist
Multipoint Nordics OÜ -  Estonia - VAD
EMA Distribution srl -  Italy - Specialist
Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o. -  Poland - Broadliner
A&C Systems France -  France - Specialist
FieldTrust bvba/sprl -  Belgium - VAD
Aqipa United Kingdom Ltd -  United Kingdom - Specialist

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