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Axoft, Marvel, MONT Distribution and RRC sign more partners

Russia: software specialist Axoft has been appointed by PostgreSQL database editor as its official distributor in the country. Broadliner Marvel Distributsia has inked a deal with Hideez Group, to distribute its Bluetooth authentication devices in the country1. CAD editor Bentley Systems has chosen software specialist MONT Distribution as its official local distributor2. Finally, multispecialist RRC has added R&M cabling systems to its portfolio3 (source: CRN Rossiya 1, 2 and 3).

Merlion and RRC sign new vendors

Russia: broadliner Merlion has started the distribution of Mellanox infrastructure solutions1 and Quantum storage systems2 through its Value division. Multispecialist RRC has inked a distribution deal with Taiwan vendor Delta Electronics3, whose UPS it will distribute in the country (source: OCS Rossiya 1, 2 and 3).

Xiamen Mairdi Electronic Technology signs with RRC

Russia: network and peripheral specialist RRC has been appointed official distributor by Chinese vendor Xiamen Mairdi Electronic Technology for its professional headsets (source: Astera Rossiya).

Alef Hi-Fi and RRC sign more vendors

Russia: audio specialist Alef Hi-Fi has become official distributor for Dali speakers in the country1. Multispecialist RRC has added the industrial network equipments from local vendor 2Test to its catalog2 (source: Astera Rossiya 1 and 2).

ASBIS, OCS Distribution and RRC sign new distribution deals

CIS: the subsidiary of Cyprus-based broadliner ASBIS in Belarus has started the distribution of Supermicro servers and Mellanox network controllers. In Russia, value-added broadliner OCS Distribution has added Jaybird headphones from Logitech to its catalog1. Multispecialist RRC has expanded its portfolio with Motorola Solutions digital radio communication systems2 (source: Astera Rossiya 1 and 2).

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Rucan General Trading LLC
United Arab Emirates - Specialist
France - Specialist
Resello Deutschland GmbH
Germany - VAD
Kredo Computers (TOV PBG Chernihiv)
Ukraine - Broadliner
IPmatika OOO
Russia - VAD
Tech Wise Solutions (Pty) Ltd
South Africa - VAD
Exertis Enterprise Iberia
Spain - VAD
Wesco Distribution Inc.
United Arab Emirates - Specialist
Russia - Specialist
United Arab Emirates - VAD


RRC Rossiya

RRC Rossiya
Ul. Obrucheva 30/1
Str. 1 - Etazh 3
RU-117861 Moskva
Phone : +7-4959561717
Fax : +7-4951335230
Website : http://www.rrc.ru

Other offices
RU-195112 Sankt Peterburg
Phone : +7-8123331510
Phone : +7-4959561717


President : Mr Konstantin Sidorov
CEO : Mr Mikhail Kosilov
CEO : Mr Igor Kostritsey
Vice-president : Mr Alexandr Dorokhov
General manager : Mr Maksim Baikov
General manager : Mr Andrei Skvortsov
General manager : Mr Timur Rakhimbabaev
General manager : Mr Andrei Nikolaiev
General manager : Mr Igor Kostritsa
General manager : Mr Roman Moyseev
General manager : Mr Sergey Shtern
General manager : Mr Evgeny Bogomolov
General manager : Mr Maksim Kleschunov
CFO : Mrs Valentina Ekhalova
Marketing director : Mrs Natalia Martinova
Marketing director : Mrs Anna Safonovoa
Marketing director : Mrs Irina Maliutina
Logistics director : Mr Sergei Spirin
Sales manager : Mr Nikolay Molotok
Sales manager : Mr Sergei Uyutov
Sales manager : Mr Andrei Kolesnikov
Sales manager : Mr Maksim Chezhegov
Sales manager : Mr Sergey Uyutov
Division director or manager : Mr Denis Konovalov
Division director or manager : Mr Maksim Salnikov
Purchase director or manager : Mr Svetlana Tumanova
Human resources manager : Mrs Ekaterina Tikhvinskaya
Communication director or manager : Mr Kirill Sokolov
Channel manager : Mrs Svetlana Tumanova
Market manager : Mrs Marina Krasnova
Product manager : Mr Konstantin Solotsov
Product manager : Mr Evgenia Vinokurova
Product manager : Mr Anton Gorbachev


Creation year : 1992
OKPO (Obchesoyouzni kod predpriyatii i organizatsii) : 18495255
VAT number : 7710285385
Annual turnover
2018 : 609,62 M€
2017 : 613,67 M€
2016 : 680,37 M€
2015 : 678,95 M€
2014 : 529,99 M€
Active resellers : 5500
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 21/14/65
Export : Armenia
Specialist : Networks and telecoms, POS and AIDC, storage
Main brands : Avaya, IBM, Linksys, TRENDnet, Zebra
Clients : Associations, broadline e-commerce, broadliner, consumer electronics, dealers, department stores, hypermarkets, independent retailers, IT consulting, system integrators and VARs, marketplaces, phone shops, specialist, specialized and corporate resellers
Employees : 267 people


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Rucan General Trading LLC -  United Arab Emirates - Specialist
MyMAX -  France - Specialist
Resello Deutschland GmbH -  Germany - VAD
Kredo Computers (TOV PBG Chernihiv) -  Ukraine - Broadliner
IPmatika OOO -  Russia - VAD
Tech Wise Solutions (Pty) Ltd -  South Africa - VAD
Exertis Enterprise Iberia -  Spain - VAD
Wesco Distribution Inc. -  United Arab Emirates - Specialist
YUMA OOO -  Russia - Specialist
Disti360 -  United Arab Emirates - VAD

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