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More business for DSD, Quantis and Videoguard and a new boss for Adveo

Benelux: Dutch downloadable software specialist DSD Europe has been appointed official MSP distributor for ESET solutions1. Chinese vendor Hisense has chosen consumer electronics specialist Quantis Electronics as its distributor to enter the Netherlands with its brown and white products (including LCD televisions, smartphones and tablets). Dutch video-security specialist Videoguard has opened a sales office in Düsseldorf2. Videoguard Deutschland will help the distributor address the needs of the German resellers, starting with the Nordrhein-Wesfallen region, roughly the same size of the Dutch market. Finally, Ronny van Rossem has been appointed managing director for supply specialist Adveo in the Benelux. He thus manages both Adveo Belgium and Adveo Netherlands (source: Channel Connect Nederland 1 and 2, Digitailing Nederland, BPS Deutschland).

DSD Europe backups on Acronis

Download software specialist DD Europe has started the distribution of Acronis cloud-based backup solutions through its offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

DSD Europe becomes Microsoft ESD distributor

ESD specialist DSD Europe will be Europe's official distributor of Microsoft Office and Windows licences, having reached agreement on this with Microsoft. These products will be available through its offices and download platforms in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. "It's great", states Thijs van de Moosdijk, CEO and co-founder of DSD Europe, proudly. "A contract like this hasn't occurred in Western Europe in the last 15 years, but it fits in with Microsoft's strategy. They aren't choosing to work with powerful major players anymore, they are opting for smaller and quicker companies that have more focus in specific segments. This deal would never have happened had our sales department not worked so closely with Microsoft Netherlands when we didn't have a distribution contract. That’s how Microsoft's management knew us and we entered into negotiations with them."

Distributor DSD Europe has never had a warehouse as they only work electronically. And the same applies to this collaboration. "All Office licences will be transmitted from Microsoft to the DSD platform via a direct link", explains Van de Moosdijk. "Resellers can then order Microsoft licences from the platform and have them directly delivered to their platform. The platform also offers the opportunity to renew licences such as Office 365. The end consumer is informed about this on behalf of the reseller and this can recur every year. The integration of Microsoft into the DSD platform is still under way and we expect to make a start by 1 September. Existing customers won't notice this transition, except for the fact that there will no longer be a stock status since there will always be stock. An extra benefit for the reseller is that the last stock will be sold with an extra discount."

As DSD Europe is becoming Microsoft's ESD distributor, resellers can receive extra kickback fees. The famous CHIP programme will be completely supported by DSD. In the fourth quarter, DSD Europe is going to hold webinars for resellers who are not yet familiar with Microsoft to help them earn more money through selling the licences. DSD Europe are also giving new partners an Office 365 Personal licence as a gift. "Now that we are an official distributor, we can deliver to everyone. There are no obstacles anymore", enthuses Van de Moosdijk. "DSD has Microsoft-supported technologies ready for retailers, sub-distributors and webshops."

License Distribution takes over Acko distribution business

Germany: a new ESD distributor is recently born in the country. License Distribution has taken over the distribution business of Swiss distributor Acko. The new company has been created by Marcus Suhrborg and Susanna Hock, former Acko employees. They use DSD ESD platform for sales and management purposes, and focus on the DACH market.

MMSoft appoints DSD Europe

Netherlands: Irish monitoring editor MMSoft has appointed software and security specialist DSD Europe as official distributor for its Pulseway product.

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Luckystar Computers (I) Pvt Ltd
India - Specialist
Netsafe Solutions Hravtska d.o.o.
Croatia - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Bulgaria e.o.o.d.
Bulgaria - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Srl
Romania - VAD
Arrow ECS Slovakia s r.o.
Slovakia - VAD
Share Distribuzione Srl
Italy - VAD
Ignition Technology Sub-Saharan Africa
South Africa - VAD
Ignition Technology ME
United Arab Emirates - VAD
Ignition Technology France
France - VAD
Kosmotech (KSM YuA TOV)
Ukraine - Specialist


DSD Europe

DSD Europe
Voltaweg 5a
NL-5482 TM Schijndel
Phone : +31-737514160
Website : http://www.dsdeurope.com


General manager : Mr Thijs van de Moosdijk
Sales manager : Mr Rens Eerhart
Division director or manager : Mr Stan Laurijssen
Distribution manager : Mr Jos 't Hof


Creation year : 2009
KvK-inschrijfnummer : 51672413
VAT number : NL 8501-21-188 B01
Annual turnover
2015 : 10,00 M€
2014 : 5,00 M€
2013 : 2,50 M€
2012 : 1,25 M€
2011 : 0,63 M€
Active resellers : 5500
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 40/0/60
Export : Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
Specialist : Security, services and cloud computing, software
Main brands : Bitdefender, G Data, Kaspersky, Microsoft
Clients : Broadline e-commerce, broadliner, dealers, independent retailers, ISV, software developers and editors, IT consulting, system integrators and VARs, marketplaces, OEM and industrials, phone shops, service providers, specialist, specialized and corporate resellers, telecom operators, trader, xSP
Employees : 15 people


AV hardware
AV software


Networks and telecoms
Network infrastructure
Acronis, MMSoft (Pulseway), NortonLifeLock (Avira)

IT security
AVG Technologies, Bitdefender, Broadcom Software (div. Symantec Enterprise), ESET, F-Secure/WithSecure, G Data, Goose VPN, IBM ISS (ReaQta), Kaspersky, McAfee, NortonLifeLock (Avast Software), NortonLifeLock (Avira), NortonLifeLock (Bullguard), Trend Micro, usecure, Watchguard (Panda Security)

Services and cloud computing
Acronis, Broadcom Software (div. Symantec Enterprise), ClearVox, Data Deposit Box, Dropbox, Dropsuite, F-Secure/WithSecure, Goose VPN, MailInBlack, NortonLifeLock (Avira), NortonLifeLock (Bullguard), Novastor, RG System, TeamLeader, ThreadStone, usecure, Watchguard (Panda Security)
ESET, NortonLifeLock (Avira)

Corporate software
NortonLifeLock (Avira), WeFact
Graphics software
Office automation software
Operating systems
Other software
Acronis, F-Secure/WithSecure, Iolo Technologies, NortonLifeLock (Avira), NortonLifeLock (Bullguard)

Storage software
Acronis, F-Secure/WithSecure, NortonLifeLock (Bullguard), Novastor


Value added services
Direct shipping to final client, e-mailing, online ordering, personalized shipping, regular special offers, stock taking back
Financial services
30-day payment, automatic transfer, credit card, term of payment
Minimum delivery time
National : 1 hour(s)
International : NC


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Luckystar Computers (I) Pvt Ltd -  India - Specialist
Netsafe Solutions Hravtska d.o.o. -  Croatia - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Bulgaria e.o.o.d. -  Bulgaria - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Srl -  Romania - VAD
Arrow ECS Slovakia s r.o. -  Slovakia - VAD
Share Distribuzione Srl -  Italy - VAD
Ignition Technology Sub-Saharan Africa -  South Africa - VAD
Ignition Technology ME -  United Arab Emirates - VAD
Ignition Technology France -  France - VAD
Kosmotech (KSM YuA TOV) -  Ukraine - Specialist

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