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Southern Europe: in Italy, network and security VAD BB Tech Group has inked a distribution deal with Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure1. Broadliner Computer Gross has inaugurated a new headquarter in via Angelo Rizzoli in Milano2. Broadliner Datamatic has added Digital Data Communications accessory, network and connectivity brands (Conceptronic, Equip and LevelOne) to its catalog3. Local IaaS vendor BlueIT has added V-Valley and Azlan, the value division of broadliners Esprinet and Tech Data, to its indirect network. Finally, Tech Data Mobile Solutions, the mobility division of broadliner Tech Data, has been chosen by HTC as an official distributor for its smartphones and related accessories4.

In Portugal, broadliner Ingram Micro has started the distribution of Netgear networking products.

In Spain, Agustín Alarcón, the managing director of POS, network and telecom VAD Diode, has decided to retire5. He is replaced by Heraclio Sánchez Tena. PC component and peripheral specialist Globomatik has expanded its multimedia offer with Jamo audio products. Broadliner Informatica Megasur has started the distribution of Elements robotic kits for the education market. Network and security VAD Ingecom has started rapidly the year, partly thanks to a new distribution deal with PAM solution vendor Thycotic6. Finally, broadliner MCR has been chosen by Medion as an official distributor for its complete offer (PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets and servers) (source: Top Trade Informatica Italia 1 and 3, Channel City Italia 2 and 4, Channel Partner España 5 and 6).

News from Ajoomal, Digicomp, Exclusive Networks, GTI, Ingecom, Ireo, Maverick, MCR and Tech Data

Iberian Peninsula: in Portugal, infrastructure VAD Digicomp has inked a distribution partnership with backup editor Altaro. In Spain, times are busy with many news from Spanish distributors. Network and security VAD Ajoomal Asociados has been appointed official distributor by DoS prevention vendor Corero Network Security for both Portugal and Spain1. Its competitor Exclusive Networks has expanded its catalog with the IT security assessment and monitoring solutions from Picus Security2. Broadliner GTI has added QNAP NAS to its storage portfolio3. Network and security VAD Ingecom has hired Cristina López as its new marketing director4. Cristina has long been working for IT press group BPS, lately as editor in chief of Data Center Market magazine. Network and security VAD Ireo Soluciones y Servicios has been chosen by French UTM vendor Stormshield as official distributor in the country5. AV specialist Maverick has added Logitech IP video-conferencing solutions to its catalog. Broadliner MCR has expanded its gaming offer with SteelSeries accessories. Finally, smart thermostat vendor Nest Labs has appointed broadliner Tech Data as an official distributor6 (source: IT Channel Portugal, Channel Partner España 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Dealer World España and Dealer Market España).

New businesses for Arrow ECS, Baradi, Cometa, Ingecom, Ingram Micro and Software Products Italia

Southern Europe: in Italy, regional broadliner Cometa has added Startech.com connectivity products and small accessories to its catalog. Software specialist Software Products Italia has inaugurated Omnis Italia, a joint venture it has build with TigerLogic to represent its Omnis rapid development platform in the country. In Portugal, infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has started the distribution of Veeam virtualization products in the country. In Spain, TP-Link has appointed mobile phone specialist Baradi as official distributor for its Neffos line of smartphones. Network and security VAD Ingecom has been chosen by WhiteBear Solutions as an official distributor in the Iberian region for its identity management and backup solutions. Finally, LFD vendor Dynascan has extended its partnership with Ingram Micro to the Spanish ProAV BU of its Specialty Solutions division (source: Top Trade Informatica Italia, IT Channel Portugal, Channel Partner España, ITSitio Distribución España and Dealer World España).

More business for Arrow ECS, ELSI, Exertis Unlimited, Globomatik and Ingecom

Iberian Peninsula: the Portuguese office of infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS is now authorized to distribute VMware virtualization products through its local VAR and system integrator network. In Spain, POS specialist ELSI has started the distribution of Bixolon POS printers. Consumer electronics specialist Exertis Unlimited has chosen Uprosa as an additional vendor of Macbook and iPhone cases. PC component and peripheral specialist Globomatik has expanded its catalog with Xiaomi smartphones and related accessories. Finally, network and security VAD Ingecom has been appointed official distributor by network TAP vendor Garland Technology for Spain and Portugal. "The alignment with Ingecom as Garland Technology's distributor for Spain and Portugal will add value to resellers by delivering a turnkey connectivity solution for end users. The INGECOM and Garland Technology distribution partnership is ideal, as Garland's network TAPs are an approved solution for the majority of our shared technology partners", said Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-founder of Garland Technology. "I will be personally training the INGECOM team on the technical features of our network TAPs and network packet brokers to ensure INGECOM's outstanding reputation of a trusted security advisor and a real added value", Bihary added. According to Javier Modúbar, General Manager at INGECOM, "we are pleased Garland Technology has trusted in Ingecom to distribute their solution in Iberia. With this manufacturer we cover the need in many security projects which complex corporate networks needs to divide traffic for analysis with security tools. Garland's TAPs allow gathering of traffic in real time that is shared with the security and monitoring tools. Garland TAPs fit well in our currently portfolio."

Adeo Group, Allnet.Italia, BB Tech Group, Tech Data, Globomatik and Ingecom find new partners

Southern Europein Italy, AV specialist Adeo Group has added Panasonic video-conferencing systems to its catalog. Network and connectivity specialist Allnet.Italia has unveiled several additions to its portfolio, including Arduino (open-source electronic prototyping platforms), Ceragon (microwave communication systems), Logitech (unified communication platforms), Purple (network authentication tools) and ZTE (network infrastructures). Its competitor BB Tech Group has chosen Colt as a provider for its cloud services. And broadliner Tech Data has added ESET antivirus solutions to its catalog. In Spain, broadliner Globomatik has inked a distribution deal with monitor vendor Viewsonic. Finally, network and security VAD Ingecom has expanded its portfolio with network monitoring solutions from FlowMon Networks (source: Channel Partner España, Dealer Market España and Top Trade Informatica Italia).

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Luckystar Computers (I) Pvt Ltd
India - Specialist
Netsafe Solutions Hravtska d.o.o.
Croatia - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Bulgaria e.o.o.d.
Bulgaria - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Srl
Romania - VAD
Arrow ECS Slovakia s r.o.
Slovakia - VAD
Share Distribuzione Srl
Italy - VAD
Ignition Technology Sub-Saharan Africa
South Africa - VAD
Ignition Technology ME
United Arab Emirates - VAD
Ignition Technology France
France - VAD
Kosmotech (KSM YuA TOV)
Ukraine - Specialist


Ingecom SL

Ingecom SL
C/ Elcano, 9
3ª planta
ES-48008 Bilbao
Phone : +34-944395678
Fax : +34-944410539
Website : http://www.ingecom.net

Other offices
ES-28020 Madrid
Phone : +34-915715196


Vice-president : Mr Ana Salgueiro
General manager : Mr Javier Modubar
CFO : Mrs Garbiñe Beltrán
Sales director : Mr Jorge Puerta
Marketing director : Mr Cristina López
CTO : Mr Roberto Martínez
Sales manager : Mr Alberto López
Division director or manager : Mrs Inmaculada Checa
Division director or manager : Mr Nuno Martins
Market manager : Mr Antonio Arroyo
Market manager : Mr José Manuel Diaz
Department manager : Mr Angel Castellanos
Product manager : Mr Javier Conde Provencio


Creation year : 1996
Código de identificación fiscal : B48853915
VAT number : ES B48853915
Annual turnover
2021 : 36,00 M€
2020 : 31,82 M€
2019 : 29,99 M€
2018 : 24,94 M€
2017 : 22,79 M€
Active resellers : 600
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 100/0/0
Export : Andorra
VAD : Networks and telecoms, security
Main brands : Array Networks, CyboNet, Delinea, ForcePoint, ForeScout
Clients : IT consulting, system integrators and VARs (50%), specialized and corporate resellers (40%), telecom operators (10%)
Employees : 37 people


Networks and telecoms
Network infrastructure
Algosec, Allot, Array Networks, EfficientIP, ExtraHop Networks, ForcePoint, ForeScout, Garland Technology, Rapid7, Rapid7 (NetFort), Stealthbits now a part of Netwrix, Zimperium

IT security
Array Networks, AT&T Cybersecurity (AlienVault), Attack Simulator, Bitdefender, CyboNet, Cymulate, Delinea, ForcePoint, ForeScout, Four9s, Guardicore, HYPR, Kela, Medigate, Okta, Rapid7, ReSec, ThreatQuotient, Vicarius, Viewtinet, WhiteBearSolutions, Yubico, ZeroFOX, Zimperium

Services and cloud computing
Bitdefender, ForcePoint, SealPath
Algosec, Allot, Array Networks, Bitdefender, CyboNet, EfficientIP, ExtraHop Networks, ForcePoint

Corporate software
HDIV Security, Ivanti (MobileIron), Netwrix, Stealthbits now a part of Netwrix

Storage software
Varonis, WhiteBearSolutions


Value added services
After-sale consulting, architecture design, business plan help, co-marketing funds, configuration help, demos, help with specifications write-up, lead generation, online forums, practice development, pre-sale consulting, product catalog, product loan, project-dedicated sales staff, regular special offers, retail-dedicated sales staff, special offer lists, specific preparations, trial products
Financial services
30-day payment, cash with order, factoring, financing solutions, leasing, personalized terms of payment, short-term financing
Minimum delivery time
National : 24 hour(s)
International : 48 hour(s)


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
Luckystar Computers (I) Pvt Ltd -  India - Specialist
Netsafe Solutions Hravtska d.o.o. -  Croatia - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Bulgaria e.o.o.d. -  Bulgaria - VAD
Netsafe Solutions Srl -  Romania - VAD
Arrow ECS Slovakia s r.o. -  Slovakia - VAD
Share Distribuzione Srl -  Italy - VAD
Ignition Technology Sub-Saharan Africa -  South Africa - VAD
Ignition Technology ME -  United Arab Emirates - VAD
Ignition Technology France -  France - VAD
Kosmotech (KSM YuA TOV) -  Ukraine - Specialist

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