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ASBIS Announces distribution of INFINIDAT storage solutions

Broadliner ASBIS has added the INFINIDAT InfiniBox product line to 18 countries of EMEA (Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine). In each of these countries ASBIS provides qualified teams of sales and technical specialists to help System Integrators, Corporate VARs, and ISPs to find optimal solution for customers' needs. Dan Shprung, VP Sales EMEA at INFINIDAT, said: "we are happy to sign ASBIS as a distributor for the CEE region to help us reach more markets and support our expansion in EMEA. We are confident that INFINIDAT's technology will complement ASBIS's portfolio as high end storage offering."

INFINIDAT’s flagship enterprise storage array, InfiniBox, best known for its high performance, 99.99999% reliability (which translates to 3.15 seconds of downtime per year), availability and innovative "self-healing" architecture, delivers powerful storage capabilities in one unified solution that can be easily leveraged to address the management and analytical needs of Big Data, enabling access to multiple databases and sources, managing growing volumes of data and virtualized data center and cloud storage. Yuri Ulasovich, COO at ASBIS Enterprises PLC, said: "INFINIDAT solutions expand ASBIS storage portfolio. The InfiniBox product line is optimal solution for customers who are looking for big capacity of data, high performance and availability for mission-critical workloads. INFINIDAT offers unique business models like Capacity on Demand and Utility Model which help our customers to easily increase effective capacity of data and pay for additional capacity only when they really need it. Together with INFINIDAT, ASBIS has already started to target finance, telecom, cloud service providers and other verticals."

Addreality appoints ASBIS

Addreality, a Russian digital signage vendor, has inked a distribution deal with broadliner ASBIS, covering Central Europe, the Baltics and the former USSR region. ASBIS will thus be able to distribute Addreality solutions through its offices in Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine (source: CRN Rossiya).

Another VAD division for ASBIS

Croatia: broadliner ASBIS has officially launched its VAD division in the country. The value distribution is the current strategic trend of the distributor, which is implementing it gradually in all its subsidiaries.

ASBIS, OCS Distribution and RRC sign new distribution deals

CIS: the subsidiary of Cyprus-based broadliner ASBIS in Belarus has started the distribution of Supermicro servers and Mellanox network controllers. In Russia, value-added broadliner OCS Distribution has added Jaybird headphones from Logitech to its catalog1. Multispecialist RRC has expanded its portfolio with Motorola Solutions digital radio communication systems2 (source: Astera Rossiya 1 and 2).

ASBIS expands its portfolio with backup and recovery software from StorageCraft

Broadliner ASBIS has expanded its portfolio with backup and disaster recovery software products and solutions from StorageCraft Technology Corporation, a recovery and backup editor. The new distribution agreement between ASBIS and StorageCraft was signed for all regions where ASBIS operates, through ASBIS offices in Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia/a>, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. "StorageCraft commands a large part of the global backup solutions market, giving ample business opportunities to ASBIS. We are excited to offer the award-winning StorageCraft's backup and recovery software solutions to our customers in all countries, and especially our MSP (managed service provider) and VAR (value-added reseller) partners to ensure better customer experience for end users from SMBs and Enterprises", said Aleksey Mokhov, MPLM at ASBIS Enterprises.

According to Andy Zollo, StorageCraft EMEA VP of Sales, "we are delighted to grow our collaboration with ASBIS in EMEA. We have an exciting product data backup and recovery range and we are confident that the distributor dealership with ASBIS will help us expand into emerging markets."

StorageCraft solutions give tools to back up systems, applications, and data, replicate them locally or in the cloud, and restore everything from a single file to complete systems throughout the network. The portfolio includes StorageCraft MSP and perpetual software (StorageCraft ShadowProtect, StorageCraft Granular Recovery for Exchange, StorageCraft ImageManager, StorageCraft Cloud Services and soon to be released Gillware Online Backup and Cloud to Cloud), renewals and paid support (Premium Support and Incident Support). ShadowProtect provides backup and disaster recovery, data protection, and managed system migration for Windows and Linux systems on virtual and physical machines. Recover systems, applications, and data to the same or different hardware or virtual environment.

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
SC Magazin GSM srl
Romania - Specialist
Multipoint Nordics OÜ
Estonia - VAD
EMA Distribution srl
Italy - Specialist
Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o.
Poland - Broadliner
A&C Systems France
France - Specialist
FieldTrust bvba/sprl
Belgium - VAD
Aqipa United Kingdom Ltd
United Kingdom - Specialist
Fokus MSP GmbH iG
Germany - VAD
Zaltor Soluciones Informáticas SLU
Spain - Specialist
ICOS Deutschland GmbH
Germany - VAD


ASBIS Enterprises PLC

ASBIS Enterprises PLC
Spyrou Kyprianou 26
CY-4400 Lemesos
Phone : +357-25828241
Fax : +357-25322432
Website : http://www.asbis.com


CEO : Mr Siarhei Kostevitch
General manager : Mr Victor Koltsov
General manager : Mr Lefkios Theodosios
Deputy Executive Officer : Mr Yury Ulasovich
CFO : Mr Marios Christou
Sales director : Mr Michael Akram
Marketing director : Mr Georgiy Saprykin
Marketing director : Mr Marek Horyl
Market manager : Mr Youri Slukhai
Department manager : Mr Denis Golovchits
Product manager : Mr Martin Vrba
Corporate account manager : Mrs Sanja Horylova


Creation year : 1990
Company registration number : C75069
VAT number : CY99000115M
Annual turnover
2019 : 1 710,77 M€
2018 : 1 754,12 M€
2017 : 1 309,72 M€
2016 : 1 027,72 M€
2015 : 1 063,40 M€
Active resellers : 20000
Indirect turnover : 100%
National/regional/export split : 2/0/98
Export : Greece, Israel, Malta
Main brands : Canyon Technology, Intel, Prestigio, Western Digital
Clients : Assemblers (32%), dealers (60%)
Employees : 1090 people


Accessories and connectivity
Batteries and chargers
BlackBerry Mobile, Cygnett, Dell, Prestigio
Cabling and connectivity
Archos, BlackBerry Mobile, Buffalo, Canyon Technology, Compulocks, Cygnett, Dell, Dell Compellent, Eaton (Tripp-Lite), Incipio (Griffin Technology), Logitech, Maclocks, Mimosa by Airspan, Netgear, Promise, Ubiquiti Networks
External storage enclosures
Canyon Technology, Promise
Infrastructure accessories, bays and racks
Dell, Eaton (Tripp-Lite), Gigabyte, SonicWALL
Other accessories
Canyon Technology, Logitech
PC and notebook accessories
Archos, BlackBerry Mobile, Canyon Technology, Cygnett, Dell, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Logitech

AV accessories
Canyon Technology, Compulocks, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Logitech, Sapphire AV
AV hardware
Archos, Canyon Technology
AV software
Personal and home audio
ADATA Technology, Archos, Bang & Olufsen, BlackBerry Mobile, Canyon Technology, Cygnett, Dell, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Logic3, Logitech
Professional AV hardware
Addreality, HyperVSN, Prestigio
AOC, Bang & Olufsen

Computers and peripherals
Adapters and controllers
Broadcom (Avago), Buffalo, Canyon Technology, Logitech, Netgear, Promise, QLogic, Tyan
AOC, Dell
Dell, Prestigio
Biostar, Dell, Tyan
Printing and scanning
Dell, Gigabyte, Tyan
Small peripherals
Canyon Technology, Dell, Logitech
Thin computing
Dell Wyse, Quest Software

Computing components
Cases and power supplies
ADATA Technology, AMD, Dell, Promise, Silicon Power, Team Group
Motherboards and graphic cards
Biostar, Gigabyte, NVidia, Sapphire, Tyan

EDM (electronic document management)
EDM hardware
EDM software
Abbyy, Quest Software

Electric protection
Electrical protection
Dell, Eaton (Tripp-Lite)

Gaming hardware
Canyon Technology, Logitech

Canyon Technology, Prestigio, Sonqui
Mobile accessories
BlackBerry Mobile, Canyon Technology, Cygnett, Dell, Gigabyte, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Logitech, Maclocks, Prestigio
Mobile phones and smartphones
BlackBerry Mobile, Dell, Gigabyte, Prestigio
Tablets and PDAs
Archos, Dell, Prestigio

Networks and telecoms
Network infrastructure
Buffalo, Canyon Technology, Dell Force10, Gigabyte, Mimosa by Airspan, Netgear, Quest Software, SonicWALL, Ubiquiti Networks, Western Digital
Voice- and video-over-IP hardware and software
Canyon Technology, Logitech, Netgear

RFID hardware and software

IT security
AVG Technologies, D3 Security, Netgear, Quest Software, SonicWALL, Tyan
Physical security
Arlo Technologies, Logitech, Netgear

Services and cloud computing
Abbyy, BlackBerry Ltd, Carbonite an OpenText company, Quest Software, SonicWALL
Abbyy, BlackBerry Ltd, Dell, Dell Compellent, Dell Force10, Dell Wyse, Netgear, Prestigio, QLogic, Quest Software, SonicWALL

Smart tech
Automobile and biking
Home appliances
Smart home
Canyon Technology
Smart personal objects
Canyon Technology

Corporate software
BlackBerry Ltd, Quest Software
Development software
Quest Software
Graphics software
Office automation software
Other software
Abbyy, BlackBerry Ltd, Intel, MacPaw, StorageCraft, an Arcserve Company

External storage
ADATA Technology, Archos, Buffalo, Canyon Technology, Dell, Incipio (Griffin Technology), Lexar, Liteon, Promise, Seagate, Silicon Power, Team Group, Western Digital
Internal storage
ADATA Technology, AMD, Buffalo, Intel, Lexar, Liteon, OCZ Technology, Promise, Seagate, Silicon Power, Team Group, Western Digital, Western Digital (SanDisk)
Storage infrastructure
AccelStor, Broadcom (Avago), Dell Compellent, Intel, Promise, QLogic, Seagate, Tintri, Western Digital
Storage servers
Buffalo, Dell Compellent, Infinidat, Infortrend, Netgear, Promise, Seagate, Western Digital
Storage software
Broadcom (Avago), Infortrend, Quest Software, StorageCraft, an Arcserve Company

Cleaning products and supplies
Canyon Technology, Dell
Print supplies
Storage supplies
ADATA Technology, Archos, Buffalo, Canyon Technology, Dell, Lexar, Promise, Seagate, Silicon Power, Team Group, Western Digital
Videoprojector lamps


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
SC Magazin GSM srl -  Romania - Specialist
Multipoint Nordics OÜ -  Estonia - VAD
EMA Distribution srl -  Italy - Specialist
Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o. -  Poland - Broadliner
A&C Systems France -  France - Specialist
FieldTrust bvba/sprl -  Belgium - VAD
Aqipa United Kingdom Ltd -  United Kingdom - Specialist
Fokus MSP GmbH iG -  Germany - VAD
Zaltor Soluciones Informáticas SLU -  Spain - Specialist
ICOS Deutschland GmbH -  Germany - VAD

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