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Additional vendors and employees for ABC Data, Action, DNS, Nelro Data, Softprom and Tech Data

Central and Eastern Europe: in Czechia, network and security VAD DNS has strengthened its Servodata's Microsoft team with four new employees: Lucia Kulichová (MS Education account manager), Alena Rendón and Miroslav Roguľa (both MS License specialists) and Jiří Mates (Communication SW&S account manager).

In Poland, broadliner ABC Data has added Legrand UPS to its catalog1. Its competitor Action has expanded its consumer electronics offer with Hoya lenses for digital cameras2. Storage and consumer electronics specialist Nelro Data has opened a new service aiming to repair network devices3. Broadliner Tech Data has promoted Marcin Ruciński to sales and product marketing director, for its broadline activity4.

In Slovakia, broadliner Tech Data has announced that Martin Zlocha continues to lead the business as local country manager, following the successful completion of the acquisition of Avnet Technology Solutions. Zlocha was country manager of Avnet Technology Solutions, Slovakia prior to the acquisition, and will report to Judith Ecker, regional vice-president, East, who was previously responsible for the East Region at Avnet Technology Solutions. Zlocha remains leader of an unchanged team, that will continue to look after all existing and new customers.

Finally, Ukrainian software specialist Softprom has been chosen by network monitoring vendor Gigamon as official distributor for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kirghizstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan (source: Reseller Magazine Online Česko, CRN Polska 1, 2, 3 and 4, Komputernoye Obozrenye Ukraina).

Evolutions in the portfolios of AB, ABC Data, Action and Eptimo

Poland: broadliner AB SA has ended its 9-year old partnership with Xerox for undisclosed reasons1. At the same time, the distributor has started to offer the full collection of Xbox One products (console, accessories and games) from Microsoft in the country2. ABC Data, one of its competitors, has inked a distribution deal with Triumph Adler, covering its line of multifunctions as well as related software and print supplies3. Action SA, another major local distributor, has unveiled a distribution deal with local vendor Telkom, which is specialized in cabling products and antennas4. Finally, infrastructure VAD Eptimo has added Symantec endpoint protection products to its catalog5 (source: CRN Polska 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

News from Action, Arcus, ASBIS, AT Computers, ERC, Kontel, MTI, NTT, Tech Data

Central Europe: the Czech subsidiary of broadliner ASBIS has strengthened its cabling and connectivity offer with no less than six new brands (Aten, Clicktronic, Digitus, Goobay, Home Theater and PremiumCord)1. Its competitor AT Computers has expanded its portfolio with Playseat gaming seats2. Polish EDM VAD Arcus has extended its partnership with Pitney Bowes to cover the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)3. The partnership covers hardware, software, implementation services, supplies and services. In Poland still, broadliner Action, which is still bogged down with its difficulties, has lost its contract with Samsung4, but gained a new one with American storage vendor Promise5. Again in Poland, AV and telecom VAD Kontel has inked a distribution deal with LG-Ericsson for its VoIP solutions6. In Poland finally, broadliner NTT System has added Zerotech drones to its catalog7. Going a bit farther east, Ukrainian broadliner ERC has added two new vendors to its catalog, UAG mobile accessories and A-Data memory and storage products. Its local competitor MTI has been appointed official distributor by accessory and small peripheral vendor A4Tech8 (source: ChannelWorld Česko 1 and 2, CRN Polska 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, Komputernoye Obozrenye Ukraina).

Restructuration in Action in Germany and Poland

It was known since last summer: broadliners ActionIT in Germany and Action SA in Poland (unrelated one to the other, as the German ActionIT is the local subsidiary of Dubai group Global Distribution, while the Polish Action SA is independant) have, at the same time, met up difficulties. After a few months, a bit more is known about their fate. The Polish Action has filed a restructuring plan to the Warsaw District Court, which will see the firm quit the consumer market to focus on the corporate market, optimize its logistic and know-how through a trimming of its workforce by 20%, extend its portfolio out of the IT business and slash low-margin contracts. The goal is to start turning back to profits, at best in 2018 or, at worse, as far as 2019.

The German ActionIT has officially filed for bankruptcy and an administrator has been named. His goal is to find investors, so the company can continue its business, without a single redundancy. The reasons for the bankruptcy are not totally clear, and to be officially explained at a later stage. Hoping they will not jeopardize the future of the company (source: CRN Polska).

ABC Data, Action, MaxComputers, NTT System and Veracomp find new partners, while Nelro Data adds two new members to its board of directors

Poland: broadliner ABC Data has become distributor for Ferguson Digital home automation solutions1. Its competitors Action, MaxComputers and NTT System have started the distribution of, respectively, DJI drones2, Xede PCs3 (a new own brand for MaxComputers) and Tucano cases for mobile devices4. Multispecialist Veracomp has been appointed official distributor for Samsung digital signage solutions. Finally, retail specialist Nelro Data has added two members to its board of directors5. Łukasz Pacholski, who was COO for the distributor, becomes vice-president beside Grzegorz Naja, also appointed new managing director of the company (source: CRN Polska 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
SC Magazin GSM srl
Romania - Specialist
Multipoint Nordics OÜ
Estonia - VAD
EMA Distribution srl
Italy - Specialist
Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o.
Poland - Broadliner
A&C Systems France
France - Specialist
FieldTrust bvba/sprl
Belgium - VAD
Aqipa United Kingdom Ltd
United Kingdom - Specialist
Fokus MSP GmbH iG
Germany - VAD
Zaltor Soluciones Informáticas SLU
Spain - Specialist
ICOS Deutschland GmbH
Germany - VAD


Action SA

Action SA
Ul. Dawidowska 10
PL-05-500 Piaseczno
Phone : +48-223321600
Fax : +48-223321610
Website : http://www.action.pl

Other offices
PL-30-418 Kraków
Phone : +48-122546900
PL-61-144 Poznań
Phone : +48-618755535
PL-40-203 Katowice
Phone : +48-322071000
PL-01-248 Warszawa
Phone : +48-223301500
PL-25-704 Kielce
Phone : +48-413445000
PL-70-028 Szczecin
Phone : +48-914854370
PL-26-600 Radom
Phone : +48-483655605
PL-35-307 Rzeszów
Phone : +48-178580440
PL-50-505 Wrocław
Phone : +48-717977900


Managing director : Mrs Natalia Szarata
President : Mr Piotr Bieliński
Vice-president : Mr Sławomir Harazin
Deputy Executive Officer : Mr Dariusz Grądek
Deputy Executive Officer : Mrs Marta Gawlińska
CFO : Mr Andrzej Biały
Marketing director : Mrs Anna Bielińska
Sales manager : Mr Marcin Bielawski
Division director or manager : Mr Tomasz Nowak
Division director or manager : Mr Dominicka Kopycka
Purchase director or manager : Mr Jacek Ruciński
Market manager : Mrs Illona Czyrska


Creation year : 1991
REGON : 011909816
VAT number : PL 527-11-07-221
Annual turnover
2020 : 464,39 M€
2019 : 381,38 M€
2018 : 305,98 M€
2017 : 323,57 M€
2016 : 592,57 M€
Active resellers : 4700
Indirect turnover : 88%
National/regional/export split : 70/0/30
Main brands : ASUS, Epson, Lenovo, MSI, Sony
Clients : Assemblers (1%), broadliner (2%), dealers (85%), independent retailers (5%), IT consulting, system integrators and VARs (5%), specialist (2%), specialized and corporate resellers (2%)
Employees : 452 people


Recent additions

Our directory is updated daily through information sent by vendors and distributors. Here are the latest updates :
SC Magazin GSM srl -  Romania - Specialist
Multipoint Nordics OÜ -  Estonia - VAD
EMA Distribution srl -  Italy - Specialist
Westnet Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o. -  Poland - Broadliner
A&C Systems France -  France - Specialist
FieldTrust bvba/sprl -  Belgium - VAD
Aqipa United Kingdom Ltd -  United Kingdom - Specialist
Fokus MSP GmbH iG -  Germany - VAD
Zaltor Soluciones Informáticas SLU -  Spain - Specialist
ICOS Deutschland GmbH -  Germany - VAD

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